Monday, April 28, 2014

Free Dining Plan Promotion Rumors!

So the buzz around Disney Vacation circles online is that Disney Travel Co will release the Disney Dining Plan Promotion to Visa Reward Cardholders on May 1st and then the general public 3-4 days later. The promotion is rumored to include late August and all of September arrival dates. Again, this is just a rumor that's going around online on various blogs and message boards. We'll see how true that is this week.

In the past the offer has included free dining plans to all guests staying at select Disney Resorts. If you stay at a Value Resort you get free Quick Service dining. However, you can upgrade to the full Dining Plan and simply pay the difference between the two plans. Guests at Moderate and Deluxe Resorts automatically receive the full Dining Plan. The only catch with this offer is that you must pay full price for your tickets and hotel room.

However, most of the time the value of the dining plan makes up for paying full price. I think the only exceptions would be if you were staying at a Deluxe Villa or one of the cabins at Fort Wilderness since you'd have your own kitchen where you could prepare your meals and store groceries.

The minute I hear anything Official I will let you all know! Free Dining is very popular! So if you'd like to book for this promotion you'd better jump on it fast! There's only a select number of rooms available for this promotion!

Have a magical day!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

About Me

Hello friends and Disney fanatics!

My name is Logan and I am an authorized Disney Vacation Planner. Since I planned my first Disney World trip after my high school graduation I have loved offering advice and tips to anyone who would listen. So you can imagine how this opportunity would be a perfect fit for me!

I have a passion for the Walt Disney Company and the man himself, Mr. Walter Elias Disney. I am, what's come to be known as, a Disney nerd. It's a label that I wear proudly!

I thought I would start by telling you all a bit about my experiences with the Walt Disney World Resort and the reasons I keep going back year after year.

I first visited Walt Disney World in High School. I was 15 and visiting Orlando with my immediate and extended family. We rented a house not far from Universal Studios and spent most of the trip at Universal's parks. However, 2 days of the trip were set aside for two Disney parks. My mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and myself broke away from the rest of the group and went to Disney's Hollywood Studios (known as MGM back then) and Epcot (still Epcot Center at the time). I had more fun in those two days than I did on the rest of the trip. I had dreamed of going to a Disney Park all of my young life and to finally be there felt like coming home.

So, when my high school graduation came up and my parents told me I could go where ever I wanted I immediately suggested Walt Disney World. Only this time I wanted the full experience. I wanted to stay on property and visit all four parks. We got a great deal on a 1 bedroom villa at Old Key West and off we went. In the middle of July. It was hot but totally worth it. Two years later we went back and then one year after that...

I was accepted into the Disney College Program.

For those of you who don't know, the Disney College Program is an internship program where college students can take a semester out of school to work at a Disney Theme Park or Resort. There's a program at Disneyland in California and a program at Walt Disney World in Orlando. I chose Orlando. I worked in Epcot for five glorious months with the most amazing people (most of whom I still talk to today) and loved every minute of it.

I loved being in the parks as a guest and talking to other guests in line. As someone who worked there I could offer tips on where to find certain characters or what time would be best to visit certain attractions. I advised guests when I was on and off stage (the Disney term for on and off the clock, basically). I couldn't seem to stop myself. But I discovered something about myself while I worked there. I discovered that I wanted nothing more than to help other people feel the magic and inspiration that I feel every time I visit a Disney park or resort.

I feel like a little kid and for a few days anything is possible.

I want to help other people feel that. It's that undeniable Disney magic that brings me back year after year and that draws families in like nothing else can.

If you'll let me I would love to help you make your Disney Vacation your most magical experience ever. And Disney has made that easier than ever with the wide variety of choices available to you! There's Disney Cruises, Disneyland in California, Disney's Aulani in Hawaii, international and domestic itineraries with Adventures by Disney, and the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando! I can help you no matter what Disney destination you choose!