Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Formspring Wednesdays!

Do you think it affects your chances of getting in the DCP if you never been to disneyworld?
No, I don't. I think as long as you express a love and passion for the parks, the company, and the guests it really doesn't matter if you've never actually been to Disney World. Above everything else they look for some one who will be able to handle guest relations.

have you ever heard of this book? it was written by a former cast member.
I have heard of that book, but I've never read it. I may have to add it to my summer reading list! :)

I have a pet slug named Ralph. My best friend has a pet slug as well named George. I live in Chicago and he lives in Atlanta. Where should we meet for a slug playdate?
I love this question! I suggest you meet either in Charlotte, North Carolina or Washington, DC. They're both toward the middle of Chicago and Atlanta. ;)

Did you put in any requests for work locations? (Sorry if I didn't see this on your blog!)
No, I didn't. I have in mind places that I would love to work in, but I haven't put in a request. I figure I will work where ever the good Lord wants me to work. They can place me where ever they'd like. I have yet to see a location that I would HATE to work at.

When did you first visit WDW? Do you have any vivid memories from then?
My first trip to Disney was when I was 16. I only got to to go to two Disney parks. Epcot and MGM (or Studios as it's called now). My most vivid memory is walking into Epcot and seeing Spaceship Earth. I was in complete awe. My other most vivid memory is riding Tower of Terror at the Studios. My aunt and I were terrified. We held onto eachother as we dropped and the picture ended up being of the two of us turned toward eachother, screaming bloody murder. It was hilarious.

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kirsten Dunst?
No, actually. I've been told I look like Reese Witherspoon and Ginger Rogers, but not Kirsten Dunst! Thanks so much! I'm flattered! She's very pretty!

Wow, guys! I was shocked to find this many questions waiting for me! You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for all the questions! You guys rock! There will be another Formspring Wednesday next week! If you have a question I'll answer it then! The link to my Formspring is:

I think I'll also answer these questions in Vlog form this weekend as well. I know there are some people who watch my vlogs but don't read my blogs. So that vlog will be for them.

Until next time, have a magical day!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Planning, Planning, and More Planning!

Well, this past weekend was a weekend full of vlogs. I actually got to see my camp girls this weekend. Good times. I get to see them again on April 10th, possibly April 9th and I'm sure they'll be more vlogs about Camp after that weekend too.

This weekend was also full of planning. I had stated earlier on here that I was going to get to stay on Disney property, but that has changed. Mom and I missed the special offer that put the Value Resorts with in our budget. So instead we booked a King Suite at an Embassy Suites 4 miles away from Disney. It looks really nice, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it. But sadly no vlogs from the All Star Music Resort will be posted on my YouTube account.

We're checking in at the Embassy Suites on August 5th which is a full four days before I have to check in. My parents and I are going to take a little mini-Disney vacay. ("You mean like on vacay?" "Road Trip!". If you get this reference your life must be full of win.) We're hopefully meeting up with Michelle and her mom on Sunday, and then Michelle and I are going to have some roomie bonding time. (YAY!) Then on Monday We're going to pick up Michelle, her mom, and her luggage and all head over to Vista Way together! (YAY!)

That's the plan. Hopefully this will still be the plan in August because I like this plan. If it changes, I will of course let you guys know.

I still have to call the Department of Comm office and figure out how to schedule a Senior Audit. I'm also going to call Financial Aid this week to ask what happens with the FAFSA if I don't come back next semester. I'm also going to apply for more summer jobs this week sometime.

Anyway, that's all for right now! Don't forget about Formspring Wednesdays! Get your questions in! You can use the little purple box to your right!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tales of a Disney College Program Hopeful -- Vlog #9

That's all for today, folks!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Formspring Wednesdays...oh, wait...I have no questions.

So, as you can see by the title today is Formspring Wednesday...

But I have no Formspring questions to answer.

That's okay though, you don't have to ask me anything if you don't want to. But really I would take any question. Even silly ones (which shouldn't surprise if you look back at my other Formspring posts, lol.) Feel free to ask my any question that comes to mind as long as it's not vulgar.

Life Update:

The summer job hunt has begun! So far I've applied for five jobs (technically seven since I applied for three postitions at Target.) I plan on applying to four more places. I hope I hear something about ONE of them. If not I'll have to go with my backup and ask if the daycare at my church needs help for the summer.

My mother finally decided where we are going to stay in August! Last time I talked to her she was going to book us a room last night. I let her pick the hotel because, well, she's the one paying for it. I thought she was going to go with Embassy Suites of another off propery hotel, but everywhere she found with a good rate had like a bajillion extra fees tacked on to it. So she decided it would be cheaper to stay on DISNEY PROPERTY! YAY! She booked us a room at the ALL STAR MUSIC RESORT! I'm so excited! I have a secret goal to stay in at least one resort at every Disney Price Range level. I've stayed at a Deluxe Villa Resort. Now I just need to stay at a Deluxe and a Moderate since mom has decided we're staying at a Value resort.

I still haven't met with financial aid or called to schedule an audit with the Dean's office. When I get back from class today I'll scrounge around for the phone number or e-mail of the Dean's office so that I can get that done. Also after class today I've got to correct and sign my FAFSA. Mom filled it out for me, but she forgot to sign it for me so I've got to do that. Then over the weekend I'm going to write down my questions for my financial aid counselor and then I'm going to call her on Monday. That's the plan and I'm sticking to it! No more procrastinating about any of those things!

On Friday, I'll be heading home for the weekend and then on Saturday I'll be spending the day at Camp Mundo Vista. Camp is where I've spent my last three summers. I was a Cabin Leader (Camp Counselor) there for three summers starting in 2007, and I've agreed to help with two of their spring day camps. I'm really looking forward to it. Saturday night I'll head home and then spend Sunday morning into Sunday afternoon with the family before coming back to school. I'll try to document the wonderful Camp experience so that you can all see it. I'll be taking my Flip Camera and my digital still camera. Be on the lookout for craziness! Because that usually happens at Camp. Ha ha.

That's all for today folks! Until next time, have a magical day!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Now Entering the Pile Up Zone. Ugh.

Okay, I have one semester left of school after this one and I'm already tired of it. I'm ready to have a real job and be doing something I'm passionate about. Hopefully the DCP will refresh me for my last semester of college. I'm also hoping it will help me make connections that could turn into a job at Disney. That's my overall goal. I love my school, I love major, and for the most part I love my classes, but I'm ready to graduate and truly strike out on my own.

Now that I've said that. Time to get to the purpose of this post.

This week is CRAZY busy. The week after Spring Break always tends to be insane around here, and this week is no exception. I've had lots of things due this week. You probably won't see many blogs from me until the weekend and even then I have a huge new proactive campaign I need to be working on for my Media Graphics class. I'll definitely keep you all updated, but probably not as frequently as I was. Also I can't promise a Top 5 every day anymore. Maybe I can promise you one once every week, but definitely not every day.

I have two tests tomorrow to study for and I need to be brainstorming for my Proactive campaign. It's HUGE. I have to make two posters and a brochure and I still have no idea what topic to pick. I also have to call the Dean's office for my senior audit and turn in the necessary paperwork for Florida to the registrar this week. I wouldn't expect another Blog or Top 5 until Saturday or Sunday.

This is when the work starts piling up. There are 36 days of class left in this semester so the final papers, projects, and not to mention exams will be popping up very soon. I'm going to be crazed with school from here on out. Luckily, though, I don't have to deal with registration on top of everything else this time around.

For those of you on Spring Break this week...enjoy it. It won't last forever. I'm a firm believer that Spring Break was entirely too short. Just three more weekends until Easter Break! YAY!

I'll see you guys this weekend and give you a report on all of my preparations for Florida! I'm thinking I might do a vlog about it. What do you guys think?

To vlog or not to vlog? That is the question.

Oh, and I'm thinking of setting up a particular day of the week where I answer my formspring questions. I'm thinking Wednesdays since I don't work on Wednesday mornings. I'll let you guys know my final decision this weekend!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Top 5 Things I'm Doing This Week to Prepare for Disney!

5. Stopping by the Financial Aid office to make sure what my counselor told me still applies.

4. Meeting with Sharon in Career Development to discuss my forms and various other things.

3. Meeting with my Student Support Services advisor to inform her that I won't be at school next semester.

2. Meeting with my Academic Advisor to inform him that I won't be at school next semester.

1. Turning in my "Non-contigious Enrollment Form" to the registrar's office!

This week is a big deal for my DCP status. All of these things need to be done on the school end of things. Once I finish all of these things this week ASU will know that I'm leaving for the College Program in August, and all I'll have left to do is wait, fill out on-boarding paperwork, pack, and leave.

Next week I hope to be doing things like making hotel reservations, and applying for summer jobs. Those are things that I need to do as well, but they have nothing to do with the school. As a matter of fact the only thing I'll have left to do with the school after this week is fill out my returning paperwork while I'm in Flordia (I've been told to have it in by mid October.)

That's all for today, folks! Until next time, have a magical day!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break Summary...

Okay, so I haven't been blogging much this week because I've been on break and trying to enjoy my family. So here's where you guys get caught up on what I've been doing this week.

Friday night my family had a get together at my grandmother's house, and I was asked all sorts of questions about the program and given lots of congratulations (which is always fun.) I looked at my aunt's Disney World pictures. They went back in October, and it made even more anxious to be in Florida. Saturday was my nephew's 2nd Birthday Party. That was all kinds of awesome fun! Mom and I cut my hair between her helping my sister-in-law set up and the actual party. My hair rests JUST on my shoulders now. It's amazing. Thank goodness my mother is a hairdresser. Sunday was church, I went to my college sunday school class that I always miss so much when I'm away at school, and I got to see my dad sing in the service. My dad has an amazing voice.

Monday we kept my nephew. He's at a really adorable but crazy active age, and we discovered that he LOVES "Toy Story". He called Woody his "buddy." I showed him videos of the characters at the Disney World parks and he tried to hug my computer when Mickey came on the screen. I think he now believes my computer is the magical portal to Mickey and Woody. This day made me really hope that my brother's family would be able to visit me in Florida. Cody and Kaleb are at just the right age to really and truly appreciate Disney and it's magic.

Tuesday mom and I went shopping for Business Professional clothes for both Florida and my summer internship. We found a few things. Wednesday I had a meeting with Angie Gibson at "Skirt Magazine" about my summer internship. We talked about what I would be doing, and when I would be doing it. I told her about Disney and that I would be needing to get a part time job this summer. She was really nice, and laid back. Basically I'll be shadowing her and making sales calls. There is a chance that I will get to spend some time with Alice, the graphic designer they contract all their artwork out to. I'm really hoping I can. "Skirt" has an awesome look. I would love to see how this designer works. After that mom and I got lunch at Arby's and kept my nephew again for a few hours.

Later that night mom and I talked about possible hotels that we could stay at in Florida before I check in. We decided we did not want to stay at the Holiday Inn Sunspree so we're looking at other hotels in the area. We have a list of possibilities but we won't be able to book anything until mom finds out what days she has off from work (which won't be until sometime next week.) We're hoping to check in on Friday the 6th, and then spend Saturday and Sunday hanging out before they have to check me in on Monday. They'll be checking out on Tuesday and hopefully I'll be able to have dinner with them before they leave. That's the plan anyway. Mom just has to get Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday off from work. Dad's a self employed contractor so getting those days off is no problem for him, but mom has to get the okay from Pepsi. She works telemarketing sales at the Pepsi headquarters in town. After we talked about travel plans, mom and I talked about when she could visit me in Florida.

Thursday mom and I went to Concord Mills (a big mall about two hours away from us.) We went shopping again for Business Professional clothes. Then we went to the Disney Store Outlet. We bought things for my nephews' Easter Baskets, and I got a Mickey head for my car antenna and the 2010 Walt Disney World Birnbaum Guide. After spending HOURS at the Disney Store I missed our Hanes Mall Disney Store even more. It closed last year and I've been sad ever since. (although I did get a GREAT deal on a Beauty and Beast snow globe at their going out of business sale.) I wish I could work at a Disney Store for my part time summer job. That would probably keep me from being so anxious about Florida at least a little bit.

After the Disney Store we went to TJ Maxx and I got a pair of really cute sandals for dirt cheap. Then we went to Bass Pro Shop for dad. He wasn't with us but Bass Pro Shop is his favorite store ever so we stopped by to get him a little something for fun. Then we went home. I hung out with the family and watched television and read my Birnbaum guide. I checked out a few websites that I didn't know existed like and hinted at my parents that I might like to receive one of those when I'm there during the program. There's this really awesome breakfast arrangement that comes with LOTS of snack food and an awesome travel mug. I think mom got the message at least, lol.

Friday I hung out with the family some more and my friend Carrie came to visit at around 12:30. We watched a Fred and Ginger movie and a BUNCH of Jonas episodes, and then at 5:40 my friend Beth met us at my house and we all went to dinner and to see Alice in Wonderland. It was very good! I loved it! Then we went to the Starbucks Cafe in Barnes and Noble. We sipped our coffees/juices and walked around looking at DVDs and books. I bought two Jane Austen books. One is Jane Austen quotes and the other is about her personal letters to her friends and family. We drove throught pouring rain to get back to my house and then Carrie stayed up with me to watch half of "Mansfield Park" she went to bed and I finished the movie.

Today we both slept in really late. I was going to get up at 10, but I didn't end up getting out of bed until 11. It's bugging me that I slept in that late. Carrie left just a few minutes ago to head home. I've got to go to my old youth theatre's performance today. There's a show at 2 that I'm going to go to. They're performing "Suessical the Musical" and I can't wait to see it. Tonight I will probably be going to see Alice again for my cousin's birthday and then tomorrow I will hopefully be helping her celebrate her birthday again at a family luncheon. After that I go back to school and pull an all nighter doing the homework I've been putting off all week.

Hopefully next week we'll return to our regularly scheduled blogs.

Until next time, have a magical day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


hi I am interviewing on the phone with the disney college program next thursday
Oh wow! That's awesome! Good luck! Just remember to smile and let them know how excited you are! And definately include your previous work or volunteer experience in all of your answers! They like that! If there's any way your previous experience can apply then definately use it! Hope to see you in Florida!

Friday, March 05, 2010

My Top 5 Hollywood Studios Work Locations

Here's the last work locations Top 5! I decided to end the work locations marathon with my favorite park. Disney's Hollywood Studios. I would honestly work anywhere in this park, but these are my top 5 favorite locations. Thanks to for the photos! Check out for an amazing comprehensive guide to Dinsey's Hollywood Studios. I was very impressed with it!

5. In Character

In Character is a costume shop located in the Animation Courtyard where "Voyage of the Little Mermaid" is found. It's a costume and accesory shop for little kids. I think that would be so much fun!

4. Indiana Jones' Adventure Outpost

I'm a HUGE Indiana Jones fan so to get to work in a place themed after it would be absolutely wonderful! I would love to work here.

3. It's a Wonderful Shop

This is a Christmas shop with a name that's a play on the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". How could I NOT want to work there after that? It's just so adorable!

2. Mickey's of Hollywood

This is the big store for Hollywood Studios like the Emporium, Mouse Gear, or the Mombasa Marketplace. It would be big, crazy, busy, chaotic fun to work in any of the larger stores. So of course this one is on my list.

1. Tatooine Traders

I'm a BIG Star Wars nerd. No lie. I love the original trilogy so much. I would be in fangirl heaven if I ended up working in Tatooine Traders. I really would be.

Well that's all for today! I'm not sure what or when the next top 5 will be as my Spring Break starts this week. I might do a vlog sometime this week and you might see some more Flip Video adventures, lol. My mom and I are supposed to go on a roadtrip over Spring Break one day, and a friend of mine is coming to visit so we'll see what kind of trouble I can into while they're here.

Until next time, have a magical day!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

My Top 5 Magic Kingdom Work Locations

5. Agrabah Bazaar

It's Aladdin themed, and I love Aladdin. That's really all I need to know, lol.

4. Tinker Bell's Treasures

Again, I love Tinker Bell. I collect Tinker Bell merchandise so this just seemed like a natural pick to me. Plus it's in Fantasyland! My favorite!

3. The Emporium

Everyone kept telling me to pick this one, and I have but it's not my top choice. I'm sure it would be fun and crazy and full of lots of awesome guests which is why it's number three, but I really want to work in one of the smaller shops for some reason. I feel like the smaller shops have really awesome themes.

2. The Briar Patch

Who wouldn't want to work near Splash Mountain everyday? I think working at the Briar Patch would be so much fun!

1. Fantasy Faire

This is by far my favorite little shop in Fantasyland. It's right next to Mickey's Philharmagic and is absolutely adorable. Working here would be fun and have lots of guest interaction because they HAVE to walk through the shop to leave the attraction, lol.

Anyway, that's all for today!

Until next time, have a magical day!


Both of these question came from my awesome cousin who I love to death!

will you get me a tshirt! kharrell
Kayla, I will, of course, get you a t-shirt lol! What kind of cousin would I be if I didn't? ha ha
what the world! When can I come? DO I get free passes! and is my flight free?kvh
I'm saving all of my "Main Gate Passes" for family. So I can get you and two other people in free. I have 6 of them I think, and they are all being saved for family visits. Your flight or transportation you would have to pay for, but I can get you a pretty good discount on a hotel though! You'll totally have to come visit me! :)

Until next time, have a magical day!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My Top 5 EPCOT Work Locations

Okay, so today is my Top 5 EPCOT locations. Let's just jump right into it.

5. Heritage Manor Gifts

Heritage Manor Gifts is the shop in the America Pavillion. I remember it being a really cute store and I definately wouldn't mind working there. Plus, I'm American so I would totally fit in, lol.

4. Mission Space Cargo Bay

This is one of my favorite rides! It would be so much fun to work there! I've also heard that the Mission Space costumes are really comfortable. So that would be enjoyable as well.

3. Inside Track

A shop for another great ride that I would be very excited to work near. I just think it would be lots of fun and give me lots of opportunities for guest interaction.

2. Pooh Location UK

This store doesn't really have a name, but it's across from the "British Invasion" gazeebo with the Beatles impersonators. It's a shop full of Winnie the Pooh items and the characters drop in for a visit every now and then! That would be a TON of fun!

1. Mouse Gear

The biggest store in all of EPCOT, why wouldn't I want to work there? That's basically all I have to say about that.

That's all for today!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Top 5 DAK Work Locations

Hi everyone! Today I'm not feeling so well. I called into work and am only going to one of my classes today (because I have to.) Today's Top 5 is going to be about my top 5 work locations in the Animal Kingdom. I don't have any nifty pictures for today as I haven't really had time to find them. I may go back and add some in later, but as of right now there are no pictures. Also, keep in mind that I've only been to Animal Kingdom once.

5. Dino Institute Shop

I could be mistaken but I think the shop is attached to the Dinosaur ride and if not I at least know it's in Dinoland USA. I really have no particular reason for this one, I just think it sounds like a fun place to work.

4. Island Mercantile

Just one of the general mechandise shops at DAK that I think would be nice to work at.

3. Disney Outfitters

Last time I was in DAK I remember buying a really awesome shirt here, and I enjoyed the environment.

2. The shop outside of Expedition Everest.

I don't know what it's called but I know you get off the ride and exit through a gift shop. I love Expedition Everest so I would adore working in it's gift shop. I think it would be tiring and fun and give me an opportunity for great guest interaction.

1. Mombasa Marketplace

This is DAK's Emporium basically. It's a HUGE store that's seperated into two areas, and because it's so huge it would be insanely busy and crazy fun at the same time. From working at the little store we have at Camp I know that the best moments are often the most insane ones.

Well, that's all for today folks!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Monday, March 01, 2010

My Top 5 Downtown Disney Work Locations

Again, I'm operating under the assumption that I can be placed anywhere so if you're out there and you've done the CP before and you're thinking, "Oh, she can't be placed there." Please don't feel the need to comment and tell me. I don't know where I can and can't be placed, so I'm just fantasizing about where I would like to be placed.

Today, we're going to look at my Top 5 work locations in Downtown Disney.

5. Pin Traders

Working as a pin trader would be so much fun! I get to interact with the kids and wear shiny pins! I think it would totally be worth standing at an outdoor kiosk for long periods of time.

4. Team Mickey Athletic Club

I'm not very athletic myself (I do enjoy swimming and volleyball), but this store just looks like all kinds of fun. I would definately work there.

3. Disney Tails

I don't exactly know what this store is, but I'm willing to bet it's a pet store. It's more than likely a Disney themed pet accesory store. And if that's the case, I would LOVE to work there. I love pets, and I love Disney so bring it on!

2. Tren - D

This little pre-teen Disney fashion store looks like a lot of fun, and I've spent most of my past jobs working with the age group of girls that shops there so I would definately be in my element.

1. World of Disney

THE BIGGEST AND BEST DISNEY STORE EVER! This place would be a crazy insane blast to work in. I've heard that working Merch anywhere is crazy, but I bet it would be really crazy here. There's nothing I love better than chaos and crazy!

Thanks to for that image of Disney Tails!

Well, folks, that's all for today!

Until next time, have a magical day!