Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vlog Update! YAY!

I had technical difficulties with this first one. I lost a lot of footage so the actual driving footage is all I have left. But I still hope you all enjoy!

The next one is during the days before check in when we went to Islands of Adventure. It was a very unorganized experience and the place was insanely crowded. I mean it was awesome to be there, but it was just WAY too congested to enjoy it TOO much.

I'm working on posting another one right now. So be on the look out for it! :)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Chillin' Out

Okay, so I haven't posted lately, but that's because nothing truly exciting has happened. it's just me hanging out and working at Disney World. I work, then have days off, then go back to work. But I've discovered a few fun things:

1) Splash Mountain is WAY better at night. Espescially when you decide to scream at every single drop (even the tiny one at the end).

2) It's impossible to go to France in the World Showcase withOUT buying and devouring Chocolate Mousse.

3) Winnie the Pooh's ride in Fantasyland is WAY MORE FUN than Peter Pan's Flight. Especially when you're "bouncing with Tigger".

4) The Snow White figure in "Snow White's Scary Adventures" looks EXACTLY like Michelle Duda.

6) The Halloween Decorations at the Magic Kingdom are the cutest decorations to ever exist.

7) That the Indiana Jonas stunt double in the "Epic Stunt Spectacular" should be my boyfriend. For real, Young Harrison lookalike? YES PLEASE.

8) Star Tours will forever be one of my favorite rides, and I will always remember it in it's original form.

9) Celebration Fudge is the YUMMIEST thing I have ever tasted in my life. Thank you Main Street Confectionary.

10) Summer Nightastic was the BEST fireworks show I have ever seen and should be brought back fairly soon just because of it's epicness.

So there you go. There's ten things that I've learned since I've been here.

I should have more to write about once my classes start on the 20th. But right now, there's not much to report. Although I still need to download all my Flip Cam footage to my computer and edit together some vlogs. I'll get to that eventually. I might do a post about work scheduling sometime soon. We'll see.

That's all for now, folks!

Have a magical day!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Days Off

I just had my first two days off. I had yesterday and the day before off to play. I spent the first day at Epcot browsing and enjoying the day, and the second at Hollywood Studios enjoying thrills and laughs of all kinds. I've now eaten at 4 countries in the World Showcase, and I'm determined to eat at the rest of them at least once before I leave.

I FINALLY got to see Fantasmic again. The last time I saw it was in 2006 and it's my favorite night time show ever. The weather and my schedule finally decided to get along and allow me to see this wonderful show. I screamed like the silly fangirl I am when Mickey appeared on stage, and enjoyed watching Mandie be blown away by the Lion King and Pocahontas portions of the show.

I've decided going to the parks after or before work just takes too much out of me so I think I might save my trips to the parks for my days off. I'm not completely dismissing visits before work (considering it looks like I'm going to be working a lot of mid-morning through late night shifts). I really want to spend my next day off at the Magic Kingdom, but I feel like I should pay a visit to the Animal Kingdom since I haven't been to DAK since 2006 and I REALLY want to see the Finding Nemo musical.

Anyway, I'm almost done with my training. My last night of training is tonight, and then I've got one more assessment and then an evaluation with one of my managers. After that I get put into the regular rotation. I can't wait until I fall into a comfortable routine with this job. Once I do that my life will feel a lot more balanced, haha.

I'm hoping to find time to edit together lots of vlogs real soon. I'm sorry it's taken me so long, but I do have footage of lots of stuff! I just have to edit it all together and upload it.

That's all for now though! Until next time, have a magical day!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Check In Day

All right, so time for the next part of my journey.

Check in day.

I met Mandie, Sarah, and Michelle at Pop Century at around 6:15ish. We all headed over to Vista and got in line with Rachael and Elysia. We waited for about an hour, and then we were directed to the Vista club house where we filled out some forms and got our housing assignment. Then we were whisked away to casting where we turned in our on boarding paperwork. That took about an hour. After that we moved into our apartment. We ended up in Patterson in a 3 bedroom. It's very nice. I recorded a video tour for the blog (I'll be working on posting all of that on one of my days off next week).

We unpacked and relaxed for a bit before heading over to The Commons for our housing meeting. Which was long, and only slightly boring. We had very entertaining leaders for the housing meeting so it wasn't too bad.

That was basically it. The rest of the day was spent buying groceries and unpacking.

I'm currently in the middle of training, and so far training has been lots of fun. I've all ready had Traditions, and Discovery Day (Park Orientation) where super secret things I'm not allowed to tell you about happened (All awesome). Every one is really nice. I love working at Epcot so far. You'll find that just like the parks themselves their cast members all have different vibes too. Everyone I've encountered at Epcot seems very laid back and chill. It makes training there very comfortable. I'm enjoying it.

My schedule is jam packed, but with the Food & Wine Festival coming up and LOTS of CPs leaving they need all of us new cast members trained and ready to go very quickly. I'm loving my location and my co-workers. Epcot has such a diverse group of cast members. I've been meeting awesome people from all over the world.

I think I have the best job ever. For real.

That's all for now! Until next time, have a magical day!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Road Trip

Hey guys! So I'm sitting in my living room with my lap top, and since I finally have a spare moment I've decided to blog. Haha.

We'll start with part 1 of my College Program journey.

The road trip.

We actually ended up leaving Thursday night. We left around 10:30 PMish, and got to our hotel JUST over the Georgia state line around 4 AM. We slept for 6 hours and then got back out on the road. We got to our hotel at 3:30 and then waited about an hour for our room to be ready. (During this time I was forced to deal with an extremely rude bellman.)

When our room was finally ready we went to Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney for dinner. (Best. Sandwich. Ever.) and shopped for a bit. Then we all collapsed and got up super early to go to the Magic Kingdom. We hit the highlights (had very short wait times) and then headed over to Hollywood Studios around 4:30. Again, we hit the highlights (I found out Fantasmic is only performed a few nights a week now. Sadness.) and then we ate dinner at Sci-Fi Dine In (so good!) and then we went home for more rest.

Saturday we hit Islands of Adventure. We headed straight for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We waited 90 minutes to ride the Forbidden Journey, and then attempted to shop a bit. I bought a wand. More specifically I bought Remus Lupin's wand (because he's my favorite). Then we walked over to The Lost Continent and did Poseidon's Fury (LOVE that attraction, and our guide was AWESOME. For real. Hilarious.) We hit the rest of the park and then went BACK to WWoHP after riding Spiderman. I tried a Butterbeer and bought the souvenir mug to go with it. Eventually we hit every attraction possible for one day (AND blasted people with the water cannons outside of Ripsaw Falls).

Sunday we went First Baptist of Orlando, ate at Chevy's, and then shopped some more at Downtown Disney. Then the PRE CHECK IN DINNER! YAY! Where Michelle and I might two room mates for our third bedroom! Elycia and Rachael. We finalized plans for the next morning and hung out a bit, and then I went back to the hotel and went to bed early. Because...


I'll post my check in adventures tomorrow night probably. :)

I have Traditions tomorrow, so I should probably go to bed soon. That's all for now!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Monday, August 09, 2010


I'm here in Orlando at my apartment in Patterson!

I'm so excited! I'm all unpacked. I just have a few things left to do (talk to security about my car, register for classes) until I'm completely settled. My parents are leaving Wednesday morning (which is also the day I have Traditions.)

Anyway, I'm about to make a grocery run to Wal-Mart and see if I can find the front desk. Then I think I'm going to dinner with my parents. :)

I've met a bunch of my fellow bloggers over the last few days. (the roomie Michelle, Jasmine, Molly. And I think I briefly spotted Lauren in a line the other day).

I don't think it's hit me that I'm actually here yet. It will probably hit me when I go to Disney University for Traditions on Wednesday.

But that's all for right now. I'll talk about Check in in more detail later.

Until next time, have a magical day!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I'll be at Disney to check in on the 11th, can't wait!

YAY! That's exciting! Hope your travels and packing go smoothly! :)

Ask me anything

Tales of a Disney College Program Hopeful -- Vlog #33

(5) days until check in
(1) day until I leave

Okay, so I'm sitting here posting to the blog on my lap top for probably the last time ever before I leave for Florida. And I can honestly say, that I don't think being *this* close to Disney has hit me yet. It probably won't hit me until we check in to our hotel tomorrow evening. Anyway I'll be filming EVERYTHING, but I won't be able to edit it together until I'm settled in Florida so this will probably be my last vlog for a bit. BUT I will be updating the blog VERY frequently.

I can update the blog from my phone so I'll be keeping you guys informed that way for the first four days I'm there. Also if you don't yet, follow me on Twitter. I can update Twitter from my phone as well, so that will be updated a lot too.

Today I'm doing some last minute things to get ready. I'm going to clean out my car, and then I'm going to run to Target and get some things I need. After that I'll stop by Wal-Mart (and use my gift card) to get gas. Then we'll probably start packing up the cars. :D

The time has come (the Walrus said). This time tomorrow I will be on my way to the Sunshine State and the most magical place on Earth. Who's excited? I AM!

The next time you hear from me, I'll be on my way to my adventure of a lifetime! That's all for today, folks! Until next time, have an EXTREMELY magical day! <3!

Vliggity-Vlog Explosion

(5) Days until check in
(1) Days until I leave for Orlando

I've got SEVERAL videos to post on here today. I posted a ton of footage on my channel yesterday. It's all from my farewell weekend. The first two vlogs are from my family send off party.

Part 1

Part 2

The next three videos are of the Just Dance party that some friends and I had at my house. It was a lot of fun! :)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

There will be one last vlog before I leave. It will be posted tonight probably.

That's all for now! Until next time, have a magical day!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Test E-mail Blog

I just want to see if this works. It might be how I blog during my first four days in Florida before check-in.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tales of a Disney College Program Hopeful -- Vlog #27

Savings Update (Probably My Last One)

(11) Days until check in
(7) Days until I leave for Orlando
(2) Days until Charlie St. Cloud

Just added to my Disney savings! :)

New Total: $671.56

I deposited my last paycheck from the job in the bank the other day. I originally thought I was going to be needed next week, but I've been told I won't be. So, Friday is my last day at work. I didn't reach my goal of $800, but I'm still proud of what I did manage to save.

Tomorrow is my last day of my internship, and then I've got a farewell lunch with my cousin. Then Friday I'm working, and then Friday night after I get off work I've got two friends coming over to hang out one last time before I leave, Saturday is my family send off party, Sunday I have my cousin's bridal shower, and then all I have left to do is pack for Florida (which I've already pretty much done.)

The countdown is winding down, folks! It's very exciting!

That's all for now! Until next time, have a magical day! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tales of a Disney College Program Hopeful -- Vlog #25

That's all for now! Until next time, have a magical day!

To-do/Top 5 List Update!

(17) Days until check in
(13) Days until I leave for Orlando
(8) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(0) Days until Ramona & Beezus

1. Buy a car. I'm really close on this one guys. Ruby is being totaled. So I must find something else. The insurance company is only giving my 6,000 so I need something affordable but quality. I've found something I like. I just need to convince my dad to like it too.

2. Find an apartment in Boone for Spring 2011. So far I've had no luck. I've only found two real possibilities and neither one of them got back to me. But I'm going to keep looking until I leave and after I leave (if I haven't found anything by then). (Now to be done in October while I'm in Florida).

3. Finish filling out my W4. This is all I have left of my on boarding paperwork.

4. Find my birth certificate or have a Passport made. This is for check in. I either need a passport or my driver's license and birth certificate.

5. Buy a pair of dress flats for my "Non-costumed" Disney look. I need a pair of black flats to go with my Disney professional clothing. 

 6. Apparently I have to add "Get renter's insurance" to this list. Ugh. (To be done as soon as I move into one of the CP apartments).

Find My Birth Certificate:

So my adventure today was ALL about getting this done. Only Forsyth County's court and government buildings are so spread out that it took us FOREVER to find the Office of Deeds. We walked in the heat (and in circles) for HOURS. I, however, learned that Forsyth County has a "Hall of Justice" which really made the comic book nerd in me happy. But I'm now sunburned from all the outside walking. (And exhausted).

Tomorrow I plan on filming and editing a vlog about the classes I plan on taking, and I'm also going to start filming things for packing vlog. :)

We're into crunch time now, people! I'm so excited!

Next Wednesday will be my last day for my internship, and then next Saturday will be my Send-Off part with my family friends (which I am BEYOND excited for!) My friend Holly is now coming with us to Orlando. She's going to be hanging out with me while I get settled at Disney and then leaving with my parents on the morning of August 11th. She's never been to Disney and I can not wait to get her down there! We're also going to go to Islands of Adventure and pay a visit to Hogsmeade as we're both HUGE Harry Potter fans. (I fully intend on buying a wand).

That's all for now!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Savings Update!

(18) Days until check in
(14) Days until I leave for Orlando
(9) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(1) Days until Ramona & Beezus

Just added to my Disney savings! :)

New Total: $501.56

I have one more full paycheck and then probably a partial paycheck after that. Hopefully those two paychecks will put me up around $800 before I leave.

That's all for today! Until next time, have a magical day! :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Disney Bucket List

(19) Days until check in
(15) Days until I leave for Orlando
(10) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(2) Days until Ramona & Beezus 

 1. Ride all the rides I've never ridden before! This goes for any walk through attractions and shows as well! Which is a total of 23 MK attractions, 10 Epcot attractions, 7 Studios attractions, and 11 DAK attractions.

2. Visit both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach as I've never been.

3. Take any and all tours that I can.

4. Go to Beaches'n'Cream with 3 other people and order "The Kitchen Sink"

5. Eat at as many Disney restaurants as I can afford.

6. Visit all the Disney Resorts (And visit them all again around the Holidays).

7. Attend the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, Spirit of Aloha, and Mickey's Backyard Barbecue

8. Be a part of a Character Dining experience. :)

9. "Drink" around the world. When I say drink I don't mean alcohol, lol. Maybe I'll try something at some point during my journey "around the world" but for the majority of it I will be "drinking" non-alcoholic things.

10. Eat around the world. Eat at at least one stand/restaurant in each World Showcase.

11. Get pictures taken with all of my favorite characters.

12. Eat the Thanksgiving meal sandwich at Earl of Sandwich.

13. Go to Disney Quest and Characters in Flight at Downtown Disney.

14. Ride Star Tours as many times as I can before it closes for "Re-imagining"

15. Experience as much of "Summer Nightastic" as I can within my first week there.

16. Tour the park with my friend Beth on my day off. ;) (I know many Beths so if you're reading this and you've never talked to me about touring WDW with me then it's not you, haha.)

17. TRY A DOLE WHIP. Finally. I've never had one, and I really really want to try one.

That's all for today! Until next time, have a magical day!

Monday, July 19, 2010

To Do List Update

(21) Days until check in
(17) Days until I leave for Orlando
(12) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(4) Days until Ramona & Beezus

1. Buy a car. I'm really close on this one guys. Ruby is being totaled. So I must find something else. The insurance company is only giving my 6,000 so I need something affordable but quality. I've found something I like. I just need to convince my dad to like it too.

2. Find an apartment in Boone for Spring 2011. So far I've had no luck. I've only found two real possibilities and neither one of them got back to me. But I'm going to keep looking until I leave and after I leave (if I haven't found anything by then).

3. Finish filling out my W4. This is all I have left of my on boarding paperwork.

4. Find my birth certificate or have a Passport made. This is for check in. I either need a passport or my driver's license and birth certificate.

5. Buy a pair of dress flats for my "Non-costumed" Disney look. I need a pair of black flats to go with my Disney professional clothing. 

 6. Apparently I have to add "Get renter's insurance" to this list. Ugh.

Finish filling out my W-4:

DONE! My on boarding paperwork is done! Woooo! One less thing to worry about!

I was going to go to the courthouse today to get a few copies of my birth certificate, but mom told me to wait until July 30th (her day off) so she could go with me. Now I just have to go to the bank tomorrow and nag dad to check on renter's insurance. :)

That's all for today! Until next time, have a magical day!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Updated Top 5 (6) Things to Do

(23) Days until check in
(19) Days until I leave for Orlando
(14) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(6) Days until Ramona & Beezus

1. Buy a car. I'm really close on this one guys. Ruby is being totaled. So I must find something else. The insurance company is only giving my 6,000 so I need something affordable but quality. I've found something I like. I just need to convince my dad to like it too.

2. Find an apartment in Boone for Spring 2011. So far I've had no luck. I've only found two real possibilities and neither one of them got back to me. But I'm going to keep looking until I leave and after I leave (if I haven't found anything by then).

3. Finish filling out my W2. This is all I have left of my on boarding paperwork.

4. Find my birth certificate or have a Passport made. This is for check in. I either need a passport or my driver's license and birth certificate.

5. Buy a pair of dress flats for my "Non-costumed" Disney look. I need a pair of black flats to go with my Disney professional clothing. 

 6. Apparently I have to add "Get renter's insurance" to this list. Ugh.

Buy a Car -

I FINALLY got a car. A 2009 Kia Rondo. I love it!

Buy a Pair of Black Flats -

Bought these at Payless. I ADORE THEM!

I'm working on the rest of the list. Monday I have to go to the courthouse and get a copy of my birth certificate (we don't have one apparently). Mom is also going to call our Insurance guy to see if our home owner's insurance covers renter's insurance next week. And I'll be filling out my W2 for my on boarding paperwork this week. We also found out that no apartments will be available in Boone until October at the earliest so that one will not end up being crossed off before I start packing.

Anyway, that's all for today!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Savings Update :(

(25) Days until check in
(21) Days until I leave for Orlando
(16) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(8) Days until Ramona & Beezus

I had to use $30 dollars of my savings for gas. Poo.

New total:


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Savings Update, Vlogs, and Crunch Time

(26) Days until check in
(22) Days until I leave for Orlando
(17) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(9) Days until Ramona & Beezus
Psych premieres TONIGHT!

 Alright guys, it's time for another savings update. Today I added $71.01 to my Disney savings. So here is my new total:   


I've worked four extra hours this week so my paycheck should be around $240 next week which will mean I'll get to put $201 into my savings. So that will help a lot.

In other news, I still don't have a car. The insurance guy is not taking my dad's calls, apparently. So we can't buy a car until we talk to him and get our money.

I've only accomplished one thing on my "Top 5 things to do before I pack list", and I realized last night that I need to make it a Top 6 list. I need to add "Print Direct Deposit form" to the list.

Mom is also planning a send off party for me on July 31st. That should be a good time.

We're in crunch time now here, folks. The stress is starting to get to me (especially with all the drama of buying a car). I have to finish my top 6 list, I would also like to buy a few more things that I need, I've got to start trying to pack (I don't even know where to begin). Like a lot of other people I'm beginning to feel like I'm behind on everything even though I've been preparing for this since February.

Expect a new vlog this weekend sometime about the classes I want to take in Disney. If it doesn't come this weekend then look for it early next week. I should start my packing vlog in a couple of weeks. It might take a while as I plan to spread out my packing so I'm not doing it all at one time.

But that's all for today!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Top 5 Things to Do Before I Pack!

(31) Days until check in
(27) Days until I leave for Orlando
(23) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(15) Days until Ramona & Beezus
(6) Days until Psych  

1. Buy a car. I'm really close on this one guys. Ruby is being totaled. So I must find something else. The insurance company is only giving my 6,000 so I need something affordable but quality. I've found something I like. I just need to convince my dad to like it too.

2. Find an apartment in Boone for Spring 2011. So far I've had no luck. I've only found two real possibilities and neither one of them got back to me. But I'm going to keep looking until I leave and after I leave (if I haven't found anything by then).

3. Finish filling out my W2. This is all I have left of my on boarding paperwork.

4. Find my birth certificate or have a Passport made. This is for check in. I either need a passport or my driver's license and birth certificate.

5. Buy a pair of dress flats for my "Non-costumed" Disney look. I need a pair of black flats to go with my Disney professional clothing.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


(33) Days until check in
(29) Days until I leave for Orlando
(25) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(17) Days until Ramona & Beezus
(8) Days until Psych 

Exciting news! I made a HUGE payment on my credit card yesterday.




Now I can focus on Saving for Disney!

I no longer have to give you guys two totals! YAY!

Savings total for this week:


Now for other updates.

I've been unable to find an apartment in Boone so far. I've found a few good options, but I've had a hard time getting in touch with any of these people looking to sublet. I have a feeling I won't be able to find anything until closer to the spring semester. But I'm going to keep looking until I leave and hopefully something will be nailed down.

Sad news about Ruby. We have to get her injuries appraised again. They may have to put her down. Our initial adjuster-man missed several things, and now it looks like the repairs our going to cost over the limit the insurance company will spend. So I will more than likely have to get another car (I would say new, but we can't afford new). Today, I'm going to a lot that we like a lot. We got mom's van there. I'm going to test drive several cars and see what I like. I'm trying to keep the price some where around or below 8,000. Which limits my options severely. But I'm going to go look around the lot and drive somethings and see what I like. Right now, there's a Toyota Camry that I'm very interested in, but we'll see what happens.

Right now I'm driving a rental car. It's REALLY nice. It's a 2009 Toyota Camry, and it's BLUE. Really blue! So I nicknamed it Geenie. I really like Geenie. I want to keep Geenie, but that's not going to happen. Geenie is spoiling me with her smooth driving self.

I kinda feel like I'm cheating on Ruby.

Also this past week, my cousins, and one of my aunts started trying to plan a trip to Florida to visit me in September! I'm so excited! I was so afraid that I wouldn't be able to see any one other than my parents during my time in Florida, but that is hopefully not going to be the case! My dad's side of the family is so close to me that in order to describe how close we are I usually tell people that when I say cousin what I really mean is sibling. My cousins are essentially my siblings. I love them dearly, and I'm so excited that a few of my sisters/cousins are trying to work out a visit!

My parents are also trying to plan a visit in the middle of December. Mom wants to do late Thanksgiving/late Birthday/Early Christmas. Which means I'll have to have my Christmas shopping done WAY early this year. But that's perfectly fine with me. I'm an early Christmas gift shopper anyway.

I'll be posting a real detailed post about my summer internship soon. I haven't really told you guys much about it. And I need to do another vlog sometime soon. Any suggestions on what it should be about? It's now been a month since my last vlog which is just sad.

But that's all for right now! Until next time, have a magical day!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Savings Update!

(40) Days until check in
(36) Days until I leave for Orlando
(32) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(24) Days until Ramona & Beezus
(15) Days until Psych 

Guess what? I'm officially completely ready to go to Disney! I was waiting for the school to register me for my 6 semester hours I need. That was done last week. So, now I'm finally ready to go!

What I'm not ready to do is come back.

I still need an apartment in Boone for the spring semester. I'll be apartment hunting next week as I have three days off. So, let's hope I have that nearly done this time next week. I also have to get my car fixed. Dad's supposed to take care of it, but he hasn't yet.

Also, last week the magazine mailed out another issue, and guess who's name was in it? MINE! I was credited as a "Marketing Intern", how awesome is that?

And now for the savings update:

Credit: 434.59
Savings: 242.75

I almost have enough to pay off the balance on my credit card! YAY! I can not wait until I've got that thing paid off.

That's all for today! Until next time, have a magical day!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Savings Update!

(44) Days until check in
(40) Days until I leave for Orlando
(36) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(28) Days until Ramona & Beezus
(19) Days until Psych 

Time for another savings update! YAY!

So I just finished transferring money from checking to savings and thought I would update you guys on my totals! I don't really have any college program news other than to say that I will finish with my summer job probably on August 3rd, and have two days to finish packing.

I haven't made a vlog in a LONG time so I need to sit down sometime soon and figure out what to do for one. If you guys have any suggestions let me know. I might do one on my reading list or maybe on what I've got to go in the apartment in Florida. We'll see.

But on to my totals!

Credit: $324.59
Savings: $182.75

I get another paycheck on Monday. That will also go into these totals and then sometime next weeks after that's transferred I'll be making a rather large credit card payment. I'm pretty excited. :)

That's all for now! Until next time, have a magical day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Have to Tell You Guys About Something!

(51) Days until check in
(47) Days until I leave for Orlando
(42) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(35) Days until Ramona & Beezus
(26) Days until Psych 
(4) Days until Knight & Day
(1) Day until Jonas LA

Alight, normally I wouldn't update so soon. I try not to seem obsessive and update every day, but I just HAVE to post about his before I forget it!

I had the WEIRDEST dream about the College Program last night.

Okay, in the dream it was August 5th, and my family was headed to Disney. My mom and dad we're in their van, and I was in my car. I got separated from them and stumbled across this like halfway point between my house in Disney. It was weird. It was like Disney built it there as a tease or something. There were small imitations of a few of the rides and restaurants. And, apparently, in the dream I'd been there before because I noticed that they closed the smaller version of the Haunted Mansion. My family (because my parents somehow stumbled across it too) sat down and ate at a smaller version of "The Prime Time Cafe". And then we went into a store and we ran into a friend of mine that I've gone to school with since 4th grade, her name is Beth, and she was on her way BACK from doing the CP even though she's NEVER EVER EVEN applied for it. But she was coming home after doing the CP, and looked all tan and happy and was telling me how awesome it was going to be. Then I said goodbye to her, my family got back out onto the road, we went on our way, and I woke up.

But THAT was my dream. Isn't that weird? The winding down of the countdown clock is really getting to me. GAH, 47 days! That's a little over a month and a half! So excited!

That's all for right now. Until next time, have a magical day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Just Made My Last Trip to Boone...


That's right, yesterday I went to Boone for the last time before I leave for Florida. I will not see those mountains again until January 2011. WOO HOO!

I also finished cleaning my apartment and turned in my key! YAY! I'm going to share some pictures with you in this post. But first...


(52) Days until Check In
(48) Days until I leave for Orlando
(2) days until Jonas LA

Toy Story 3 came out today! AND The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened at Islands of Adventure! YAY!

Now it's time for Boone pictures. Enjoy!

Also my mom said that's she's going to buy me a 26 inch flat screen for Florida! YAY!

P.S. I need things to countdown to between June 20th and August 5th. Any suggestions?

That's all for now! Until next time, have a magical day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Savings Update! :)

(54) days till Check in.
(50) days till I leave for Orlando
(4) days till Jonas LA
(2) days till Toy Story 3

Okay, so I'm still not registered for classes at ASU. They have two courses that are specifically intended for College Program Participants.We can be enrolled in them at ASU while in Disney and basically it's a way to have 6 semester hours of credit for doing the program. You're registered for two classes at App and then take 2 classes while you're at Disney so that you can earn whatever credits you need (for insurance purposes or, like me, to keep your loan grace period from starting). I talked to Sharon about registering for them and she told me to contact someone named Heidi so I could be added to the list. I contacted Heidi, and then contacted Sharon again (just in case).

That was the third week in May. Now it's June 16th and I'm still not registered. Sharon said it should have been done by the first week in June, and it still hasn't been done. I e-mailed her yesterday and I still haven't heard anything from her.

But I suspect I'll be hearing from her soon. Hopefully I'll have this taken care of in the next couple of weeks.

Alright, I got a paycheck on Monday. Time to update my savings totals.

Credit: $214.59
Savings: $122.75

So, still not stellar, but better than before. I also changed my percentages. Here are the new ones:

Credit: 55%
Savings: 30%
Me: 15%

Also! On an awesome random note, two of my friends brought me some awesome High School Musical cupcakes! Check them out! (There were 5, but I already ate the Troy cupcake. He was yummy.) ;)

That's all for now!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

College Program Savings - Major Fail

(57) days till Check-in
(53) days till I'm in Orlando
(7) days till the premiere of Jonas: LA
(5) days till Toy Story 3 is released

Okay, so I've been very very bad with my first two paychecks. I've spent way too much money, and bought too many things I don't need.

No more spending. NONE. The only time I'm allowed to spend money is when I'm going out to eat or going to the movies. THAT'S IT. No more DVDs, no more TOMS shoes, no more Flip Camera accessories, and no more trips to Disney Stores! I'll be in Disney in 53 days. I can buy Disney stuff then.

Anyways, I've taken what's left in my account and used my percentages on that.

So, here are my current SAD savings totals.

Credit: $104.59
Savings: $62.75

From now on I will figure my percentages as SOON as I get a paycheck. I can NOT let this happen every week.

That's all for now!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

College Program CHAOS

Okay so a few crazy things have happened to CPers since June started.

1) Room mate matching opened up

Room mate matching means Disney will find a room mate for you. They look at your arrival date, your role, and your age and match you with another CPer. I did not opt into this (so I thought) because I wanted to find my own room mate (And I did, Hi Michelle!). Imagine my surprise when I get an e-mail from Disney Housing telling me about my new room mate. She seemed really nice and she sent me an e-mail but I already had a room mate. So I got in touch with her, explained the situation, and then opted out. After that I quickly contacted Michelle and asked for her application number so that I could request her as my room mate. I did this, and now Michelle is my OFFICIAL room mate! YAY!

But how did I opt in? I thought I had said no earlier and told them I was picking my own room mate. Well, apparently I opted in. This happened to several other people. Your options weren't explained very well. But it's all good now.

2) Disney sent out an e-mail asking if anyone wanted to switch from August 9th to September 6th.

This caused CHAOS on Facebook. Luckily, my awesome room mates warned me about it before I even GOT the e-mail. I'm not sure if September 6th is a new date that they added or if they just over booked people on the 9th. Either way this e-mail caused a few panic attacks. Some people thought Disney wasn't really asking, and they were just notifying us of the switch. Some people thought they were politely saying "You MUST change dates."

Whatever they were requesting I'm not changing my date. I'm going insane waiting for August. I do not want to add ANY days to my countdown. I WILL be there on August 9th, and hopefully I'll see a lot of you there.

On a more personal update note.

I no longer need to worry about Financial Aid. As long as the school knows my situation THEY will take care of it. I've also been given permission by my parents to opt out of my federal work study. Mom said I should spend the last semester completely focused on schoolwork and enjoying my last semester.

And I'm all for it.

Alright, well, that's all for now folks!

Have a magical day!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"I Know the Road Seems Long, but It Won't be Long till it's Time to Go."

Hey everyone!

(63) days till check-in
(59) days until I leave for Orlando
(12) days until the premiere of Jonas: LA

Nothing too exciting has happened this week. I've fallen into a bit of a rhythm with my job. I love it! Good hours, good pay. I'm trying not to spend a lot of money. I bought a pair of TOMS the other day but that is the LAST thing I'm buying. (BTW, if you follow me on Twitter you got a chance to vote and help me decide which pair of TOMS to buy. Thanks for your opinion if you voted! It was fun! haha.) Anything else I buy will be dinners or movie tickets. Everything else is going into savings. I'll keep you updated with totals and stuff. Here's how I'm splitting up my savings percentages:

To Credit: 50%
To Disney: 30%
To Me: 20%

Money to be transferred to savings as of now: $368 ($230 of it will go to pay off my credit card). Once I pay off the balance on my card those percentages will change. I want to have my card completely paid off before I get to Disney.

You guys will have to help me stay accountable for my spending. I'm not buying anything else except for things that have to do with going out and enjoying the summer with my friends. Nothing else.

Also I started my "internship" with Winston-Salem Monthly last week! It's not technically an internship (because they're not supposed to have one) so we're calling it "shadowing". I go in once a week do some grunt work, sit in on some meetings, and learn a lot about how a magazine is put together. I really enjoyed my first day.

I have to call financial aid tomorrow and clarify some things about the federal awards I accepted. I'm confused because I was under the impression that I could accept the federal awards for one semester, but I wasn't given that option. So now I have to call and ask my adviser what to do. I also have to contact this girl about subleasing her apartment for second semester, and see what her room mates are like.

Also I'm turning in my key and having my apartment inspected on Friday morning. I can not wait to be done with that apartment. I'm very excited to hand back that key.

I need to start making a packing list soon. If anyone knows where I can find a really good one let me know! I don't even know where to begin making a packing list for 5 months worth of things.

That's all for now! Until next time, have a magical day!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Tales of a Disney College Program Hopeful -- Vlogs #22 & #23

Until next time, have a magical day!

A Roller Coaster Weekend!

I'm back from the beach! We actually got back on Monday night.

I've got a lot to tell you guys! We'll start with Friday. On Friday we left for the beach and made good time. We got there and Holly and I decided to go to the Tanger Outlets. We went shopping for work clothes, and then went to the DISNEY OUTLET! They had crazy sales! I'll show you my favorite items that I bought!

It's a pitcher! With lots of character faces on it! And plast... on Twitpic

A pack of magnets! Camp Rock magnets! For .99 cents! How coul... on Twitpic

My AMAZING Sleeping Beauty mug! It's beautiful! And it was $3... on Twitpic

After that we went back and crashed at the hotel. Saturday we got up and went over to Broadway at the Beach. I bought two pairs of sunglasses and went to BuildaBear where I bought a Jonas Dog! I named him Kevin! He's precious! Look!

Here's KEVIN! He's PRECIOUS! I'll show you his awesome shirt ... on Twitpic

He plays 3 Jonas brothers songs and his shirt as Jonas on the back! He's also wearing Jonas dog tags. I love him! :) After BuildaBear we went over to Mayfest and stood in line to meet Tiffany Thornton and Jasmine Richards from 1:00 to about 3:30. I got to meet them both! And I got some video of Debby Ryan and Nathan Kress! Didn't get a chance to glimpse Drake Bell. His line was INSANE! Here's the photos of my meet'n'greets:

Me and @therealTiffany! I loved her! She was very sweet! She'... on Twitpic

Me and Jasmine Richards! (Peggy from Camp Rock!) She was real... on Twitpic

After that we went back to the room and refreshed ourselves and then headed out to eat dinner at Margaritaville! That was fun, and my meal was delicious! I had sirloin and shrimp with mixed veggies and garlic mashed potatoes. We went back to the room and went to bed after that. Sunday we did a lot of nothing. We rested, swam, and just relaxed. That night we went out with my family and played a game of putt-putt. Monday we packed up the cars and spent the morning at the Myrtle Beach State Park. Mom, Holly, and I decided to leave earlier than the rest of the family, and while on the way to North Myrtle Beach (in an attempt to get through traffic and get home) the car in front of me decided to turn suddenly. I got stopped, but the Ford F150 behind me did not. I was rear ended.

Everyone was fine, the car still runs, and it was not my fault. But it certainly wasn't the way I wanted to end such an awesome weekend. So, now I'm dealing with insurance stuff, and praying that Ruby's frame isn't bent. Because if Ruby's frame isn't bent the insurance company will total her. Mom says no matter what I'll have a car, but I don't want A car. I want MY car. I want Ruby.

So cross your fingers that they won't total my beautiful Ruby.

Yesterday I started my summer job. I'm a nanny for a family that lives close by. I get to hang out with two precious little girls all day. It's lots of fun and very rewarding. Tomorrow I have my second day of work and start my first day of "shadowing" Angie (she's the Ad sales director at two local magazines). I'll be shadowing her from 9-12 and then working from 1:15 until about 11 PM. So tomorrow will be a long day.

Countdown update: 64 days until I leave for Orlando! My family is leaving on Thursday, October 5th. 4 days before my check in! I'm so excited!

Anyway, that was my weekend! I went through a whole lot of craziness!

Until next time, have a magical day!

And be on the lookout for a two part vlog about my beach trip!

Friday, May 28, 2010

"...The Salt in the Air and the Sand at My Feet."

Beach Road TripFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Beach Road Trip by angellwings featuring Old Navy 

Make that tank top purple and put the spots in the shape of a heart and you've got my outfit for tomorrow! 

I'm going to the beach tomorrow. I'm leaving early in the morning with my mom and my friend Holly. We're going to get there, buy groceries for the room, and then my dad and brother's family will be joining us later in the day.  I'm very excited about this trip! 

Holly and I will essentially be on a seperate vacation from the rest of my family. I'm driving my car so we get to go where ever we want to go. We've decided on two things. 

1) We're having lunch at Margaritaville one day. Our parents (hers or mine) will NEVER eat there so we're going to. (We also want to eat at Planet Hollywood one day).

2) We're going to Mayfest where I will hopefully be meeting Tiffany Thornton from Sonny with a Chance. I've got my camera charged and ready to go. I'll be the oldest non-parent or sibling in the line to meet her but that's okay. :) I'm also hoping to meet Jasmine Richards (from Camp Rock) if I can get through Tiffany's line fast enough. (Also I'm not sure how it will work but at the same tent, at the same time will be Debby Ryan and Nathan Kress. So I might meet them as well!)

So, those will be the highlights of my trip and I might film them with the Flip (if I can convince Holly to stand in line with me at Mayfest that is.)

Anyway I'll be back on Monday so that I can start work! YAY! I'll be working Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and I'll be shadowing the Ad Sales director for two local magazines on Wednesday. So, next week will be very busy! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend! I know I will! I'll tell you guys all about it when I get back! 

Until next time, have a magical day!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Let's Talk Summer...Jobs

So, if you follow me on Twitter or if you're my friend on Facebook you know about my summer job troubles. I started applying for summer jobs at the end of March, and in total I applied for 17 jobs. I work at a daycare during the school year and I wanted to do something different so applied to restaurants and retail stores. I was hoping to sort of know what I was doing before I get to Disney as I've never worked retail.

But alas, that was not to be. I heard from Target. They said they had nothing to offer me at the moment. Then I was told by Texas Land and Cattles employment recruiter to go by the restaurant and fill out an application in person so that I could meet the manager (only to get there and be greeted by one nice hostess and one MEAN hostess.) The e-mail said to go by any day of the week from 2-4. The only day I could go by was Friday, and I got there filled out an application and was told that the managers only meet people Tuesday through Thursday (and that they would NOT be happy if they had to stop and talk to me) in a VERY RUDE tone. So I told the mean hostess to forget it and just take my application.

I left knowing that I wouldn't be getting a job there (even though I was certain I'd be a better hostess than EITHER of the ones they had).

As for the other 15 jobs...I never heard a thing. I never even got an official rejection from any of them. So I came home from school with no summer job. I had planned on having a job long before I got home, but that didn't work out. So my roommate said she had a profile on this website called and that she had just gotten some babysitting jobs off of it, and Sharon (my career development HERO) told me I should just take it easy this summer and look for odd jobs and I thought babysitting would be the best odd job for me. So I went on and made a profile. I immediately found a job with a family that seemed very convenient. I applied for it, and then got an e-mail about calling to set up a meeting. I met with the family, and now I've got a job!

I'm very excited about it! I start a week from today! I get $10 an hour and I'll be working at least 20 hours a week! I'll be able to save money for Disney AND pay off my credit card balance! YAY!

Also, I've had since May 5th off to do what I please. I've been shopping (too much) and hanging out with friends. It's been awesome. This is my last week of having nothing to do and so I'm enjoying it. I have friends coming over tonight, another friend coming over Wednesday, and in the mean time I'm cleaning and packing for the beach. That's right the BEACH. I'm going to Myrtle Beach this weekend in the hopes of meeting Tiffany Thornton (Sonny with a Chance) and Jasmine Richards (Camp Rock/Camp Rock 2) on Saturday (I might meet Nathan Kress [iCarly] and Debby Ryan [Suite Life on Deck] too.) There might be too much of a mob for me to meet them, but I'm totally gonna try.

Hi, I'm Logan. I'm 22 years old and I still watch Nickelodeon and Disney Channel.

So, that's my story of how i landed my summer job and what I plan to do this summer. I hope it was worth reading. I think my next entry is going to be about my summer reading list.

Until next time, have a magical day!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Cosmetic Essentials (That I Will Be Taking to Florida)

My Cosmetic Essentials

You can replace all the Mary Kay in this with Arbonne. My mom sells Arbonne so now I use their mineral foundation. I do still use Mary Kay's lipsticks and glosses though. I love BareMineral's eye shadows. My favorite is their gold. I use dark brown shadow first and then apply the gold on top to give it a warmer tone. I use dark navy blue Arbonne eyeliner to make my eye color pop, and Paradise Pink lipstick by Mary Kay with Arbonne's gold lip gloss to bring out the warm tones in the eye shadow. I use a rosy pink blush to help bring out the warmth as well. And I swear by Maybeline's Great Lash Mascara. I've tried other mascara's but I always come back to that one.

When it comes to my hair, if I want it curly, I use Catwalk or Curly Sexy Hair. Which one I use depends on how tight of a hold I want. When I want it straight I use Phyto's smooth serum to keep my hair from becoming too frizzy and I spray on some of Bed Head's "Head Rush" spray for some extra shine. I LOVE OPI nail polishes. Those three colors included above are my favorite nail colors that I have. I especially love them in the summer.

And those are the cosmetic essentials I'll be bringing with me to Florida.

And THOSE are my addiction. I have an addiction to Wayfarer style sunglasses. I buy cheap knock offs of them ALL the time. I have 8 pairs in my car right now. I'm pretty sure I have enough to go with any outfit I could EVER wear. They'll be with me in Florida too.

Until next time, have a magical day!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Looking for Two More Roommates!

Hey guys! So my room mates and I are looking for two more room mates to fill up our third bedroom!

For the details please visit the facebook discussion thread I created at:!/topic.php?uid=40093307155&topic=17365

If you're interested in rooming with us please paste your room mate survey in the thread!

Or leave me a comment with your roommate survey and I'll make sure my other roomies see it! If you have any questions please feel free to comment or submit them to my formspring! :)

Tales of a Disney College Program Hopeful -- Vlog #21

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Donald Duck Never Wore Pants..."

"...but whenever he's getting out of the shower he always puts a towel around his waist. What's that about?" -Chandler Bing, "Friends"

 So, this is just a post to day that there will be another post coming later. I've got a lot of personal updates to vent about. Plus I've had some ideas for Top 5 Lists. 

Anyway, I have some videos that I'll be posting fairly soon. I'm going out tonight with some friends and I'm gonna try to take some video without freaking them out, haha. 

Also I wanted to say I hope everyone checking in tomorrow has safe travels and LOTS of fun waiting in all those lines, haha. I'm jealous of every single one of you. I still have 83 days to go.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Top 5 Things to Pass the Time

1. Work -- yes I want a job for the paycheck, but it will also give me something to do for the next 88 days. If a good chunk of my day is busy then the days will pass quicker. (Oh, and I THINK I got a job. But I'll share more about that when I hear an official word.)

 2. Summer Reading List -- Having books to read passes the time greatly. I have a list of books that I have here in the house but haven't read or never finished. I'll be taking care of that list this summer. Reading is one of my favorite things to do and it always keeps me busy. I'll be doing another top 5 about my Top 5 Favorite Summer Reads later so look out for that!

 3. Spending time with Friends and Family -- Hanging out with my friends around home ALWAYS keeps me busy. I enjoy hanging out with people and just generally having a *classy* good time. I adore my family as well, and spend any time I can with them. They are all awesome.

4. Writing Fanfiction -- Yes, I write fanfiction. I'm good at it too! I just tied for an award at a fandom specific awards site! Fanfiction is fun, and I've met a ton of cool people because of it! It allows me to correct things I don't like about shows I watch while using my creative energy. You can check out my profile here:

5. Watch Movies -- whether that's at the theater or in my own home. I LOVE movies. There are a TON that I want to see this summer so I'll be spending lots of time at our local theater. Starting this weekend when I go see "Letters to Juliet". Actually it started on Monday when I went to see "Iron Man 2".

Until next time, have a magical day!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Formspring Wednesday!

Who is your favorite Disney character?

Oh wow, this is hard...hmmm. Well, I collect a LOT of Tinker Bell merchandise so I think I have to say her. I just think she's adorable. I love her in Peter Pan and I like her in her own movies, and just simply LOVE her. I will buy anything with her on it. Honorable mentions: Princess Aurora and Prince Philip. 

Thank you for your question, meganwdwcp2010!

I really appreciate your question!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Top 5 Summer Clothing Essentials

My Five Summer Essentials
My Five Summer Essentials by angellwings featuring Steve Madden shoes

First of all, I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! 

 Okay, so this isn't very Disney related, but I was bored tonight so I made a Top 5 Polyvore Set.

These items are my Top 5 Summer Essentials. The things that I can not survive a summer without.

1) An oversized handbag. I am a BIG FAN of large handbags. I carry one year around. I just believe in having a purse big enough to fit my universe in. Need to take your lunch with you? Throw it in a ziplock bag or a small insulated lunch pail and then stick in your purse. Need to bring a notebook or a binder with you? Put it in the bag. Need a change of clothes? Throw that in there too. No worries, it will all fit. BECAUSE YOUR PURSE IS HUGE!

2) Sandals. I can never have too many pairs of sandals. I wear them all the time. I like the flat ones the best. They're comfortable and cute. The perfect shoe for summer. They are my annual summer addiction. 

3) Wayfarer style sunglasses. I have at least 8 pairs of these in my car. I am not lying to you. I look for cute pairs every where I go. My DREAM is to have an authentic pair of Ray Bans, but that won't happen any time soon. So until then I buy cheap imitations and store them in the arm rest of Ruby the Escahpay. 

4) Old Navy tank tops. They're cheap, cool, layer-able, and just plain cute. I have at least 4 in different colors. I wear them all the time. My favorite casual summer top by far. If you haven't before go by Old Navy and purchase one or two. You won't regret it. 

5) American Eagle bermuda shorts. I buy a new pair every summer. They fit so well, and look so cute. You can't go wrong with denim bermudas. They'll completely worth the money. (Good Tip: If you have a pair of jeans with worn out hems and knees don't throw them away! Feel free to cut them off and create your own bermudas.)

That's our Top 5 for now! Lookout for another Vlog VERY soon. 

Until next time, have a magical day!

Friday, May 07, 2010

I'm Back Home!


And on Wednesday I moved out of my apartment. I spent the day packing my car and driving back to my lovely small town that's still closer to a Target and SEVERAL Starbucks stores than Boone. I arrived back home Wednesday night and then spent Thursday unpacking and doing laundry. Today has been spent unpacking storage containers and sorting through things, throwing out what I don't need and putting away the things that I do. I'm so crazed right now because of it. My brain can no longer process what goes where.

So, I'm taking a break to blog about it. Here are my pictures of EVERYTHING I've got to find a place for.

So, as you can see my room and my house is a mess. It looks a little better now since I've finished clearing out my containers. Once I find a place for everything I plan to film a vlog and show you guys all the disney merchandise in my room alone, lol. My room is COVERED in Disney, haha.

That's all for right now guys! I can not wait until I get all of this clutter put away. It's very frustrating!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Formspring Wednesdays

So, yesterday I had to go on a last ditch effort to get some questions, and you guys came through! I have three real beautiful questions in my inbox right now! Thank you! I really do appreciate it!

But, as so many people on Formspring have experienced, the anonymity can sometimes be a bad thing. People decide to take advantage of that, and use it to be cruel. This happened to me this morning. Now, I'll say that while these comments do not make me doubt myself, they do make me angry. They make me angry that I know someone, somewhere who would say these things anonymously because this can only mean that whoever this is is being nice to me to my face. Which means that I'm being duped into believing someone is a friend or an acquaintance. These person's comments (Yes, I'm certain it was one person who submitted TWO comments) include the following:

"You are a terrible singer I wish someone had told you that before you entered a singing competition."


"Do you realize you cant sing ?"

Now I'm not one to reject constructive criticism, but this isn't constructive at all. Whoever this is just needs to say this stuff to my face. I know I'm not the greatest singer in the world, but I also know that I have family and friends who respect me enough to TELL ME if I was that terrible. If this person meant these things at all they would be brave enough to say them to me directly without the cowardly mask of anonymity. And that's all I have to say on the matter.

Now onto the real questions from the wonderful people. 

Today, we have three Formspring Questions that I'm going to be answering for you guys. Enjoy!

Are you going to go to Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure while your down their?

Most definitely!  I really enjoy Universal Studios. Disney World is my favorite but Universal has some top notch rides. I love the Mummy rollercoaster, Twister: Ride it Out, Jaws, and all the other AWESOME attractions at Universal. Plus, Islands of Adventure has Marvel Superhero Island which is my favorite place island at the moment, but that may change once I get the chance to visit THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER! So pumped to see that place! I can not wait! I am a Harry Potter fanatic! I love the books and I love the movies!

When did you become interested in Disney?

Ever since I saw a little movie called "The Little Mermaid". Seriously, it was the first Disney movie I ever watched, and I loved it. I grew up in that generation that got to watch all those early nineties Disney movies when they were new releases. Movies like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King all came out while I was in elementary school. Along with those new releases though my parents made sure to expose to the Disney they grew up with (So, I grew up loving movies like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty). I also got to experience the Disney my brother grew up with as well (which was Oliver & Company, The Rescuers, and The Great Mouse Detective). I also have aunts and uncles who are Disney experts. When my aunt got married her honeymoon was in Disney World. I grew up with sing-a-longs that immortalized the place for me, and yet I didn't get to go until I was 15. So, I guess you could say me doing this program is me trying to make up for not seeing the place as a kid.

What is your dream job?

Dream job? My absolute DREAM job is to be a singer and actress. Now I doubt this will ever happen, but it's the job I dream about having. I love to sing (I have a passion for broadway and country music), I have a blast acting, and I would love to make a living doing those things! I plan on learning to play the guitar this summer. But the drawback is that if I were to be an actress I would have no drive to be taken seriously. I love comedy, and I love fluffy romantic comedies so I would probably make more of those than anything else. Of course, I wouldn't object to playing the comic relief in an action/adventure movie or the plucky sidekick in a superhero movie, lol. So, your answer is I would love to either be a country singer or an actress (of any kind: broadway, TV, or Film).

Search Stories: The Adventure of a Lifetime

Just three more months! I leave for my mini-Disney Vacation in exactly three months! Here's something fun to celebrate!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tales of a Disney College Program Hopeful -- Vlog #19 (Five Facts!)

Until next time, have a magical day!

Happy Star Wars Day!


Yes, today is Star Wars Day, and May the 4th be with you! I'm a huge Star Wars fan! I'm specifically a Han Solo fan. Yes, young Harrison Ford as Han Solo just makes my little fangirl heart skip a beat. So, go watch Star Wars movies! Have a marathon! If I hadn't taken all my DVDs home already I'd have one as well.

Today is also MY LAST DAY OF EXAMS! Today I turn in my last college assignment (not counting the classes I'll be taking at Disney) until 2011! Be excited! I know I am!

Today is a busy day. I've got to take my books back (cross your fingers that I really did only rent 4 books because that's all I have), finish putting together a project, present said project, and finish shopping for my mom's Mother's Day present.

I've already gone out to get breakfast and shop for the first part of her present. Tomorrow my summer break starts and I'll have to take the job search to the extreme, but for today...MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Monday, May 03, 2010


I entered a singing contest!

CBS is having this contest called "Ticket to the Tonys". Basically people upload videos of themselves singing pre-approved songs, and on May 27th-June 1st people can vote for their favorites. The top 5 people with the most votes are invited to take part in a sing off in New York. Then the person who wins the sing off gets to go to the Tony Awards.

I have entered! I submitted my video and it was accepted this morning! Here's the link to my video:

Voting begins on May 27th! Please vote for me! 

And spread the word! 

That's all for now! Until next time, have a magical day!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Top 5 Things to Do Over the Summer...

We're in the midst of exams here at Appalachian State, and in between all of my studying I'm contemplating what I'm going to do with all my free time this summer. I'm not used to being home during the summers. Usually I'm living on top of a mountain with about forty other girls, and taking care of precious tweenage girls week in and week out. I'm not used to having most of my days free.

So, I've been thinking of how I want to take advantage of that. Since the summer will be my last 3 months in NC before I head off to live in Florida for 5 months. I've decided to make this a Top 5, but unlike my other top fives the ranks mean nothing. This is just a list of goals of FUN things to do this summer.

1. Go to Carawinds Theme Park. It's not Disney World, heck it's not even Dollywood, but it's full of good fun. I really enjoy the water park. I want to get a few people to go with me and just have a play day in the park. It will be nice to have a good dose of Roller Coasters to tie me over until Disney.

2. Go to Mayfest at Myrtle Beach. Some of my favorite Disney Stars are going to be doing meet'n'greets Memorial Day weekend and I'm totally going.

3. Go to the Sun Fun festival which is also at Myrtle Beach in June.

4. Take an overnight trip somewhere with OUT the parents or any other adults. I've never done this, and I really want to. Go somewhere over night, just me and my friends. I don't care where...just somewhere. And the hotel would have to be cheap, haha.

5. Go to the Biltmore House and take the tour again. I haven't been to the Biltmore in Asheville since middle school, and I've forgotten half the stuff they tell you on the tour. I remember finding it all REALLY interesting, and I remember watching a classmate reach past the velvet ropes and "do not touch" sign to run a hand across one of the velvet seated chairs. But that's about it. It would be fun to have a refresher of the place.

So, there's my list of goals for Summer 2010. I'll let you know how it goes. I might even vlog about all of them. (Not that anyone is really watching my Vlog, except for Mandie and Michelle. Hi roomies!)

Until next time, have a magical day!

Friday, April 30, 2010

[INFOPOST]Things to Think About: Career Development (a.k.a. -- The NEW Disney Plan)

Sorry for the long title, but this is half a personal update post and half an info post. Enjoy!

So, if you saw my post a few days ago then you read about my tiny drama with Disney and my loans and enrollment. Well, it's all fixed now. I went to see Sharon at Career Development yesterday, and if you've been following my blog from the beginning then you know that Sharon is a LIFE SAVER. She works directly with Wayne, our campus recruiter, and the campus reps to help set everything up for Disney. She basically keeps my school's relationship with Disney alive and well. Anyone at AppState who is interested in applying for the program should make an appointment with her. She's very understanding of your concerns and will help you find a way to ease them.

Also, I urge anyone at any school to track down the Career Development representative at your school that works with Disney. Not all schools have them, but most do. It's the smartest decision you'll make. How would you go about finding this person you ask? Well, I'll tell you how I tracked down Sharon.

I went to the presentation schedule on the college program site, and found my school. To the very right of my school's listing was Sharon's name and her school assigned e-mail. I e-mailed her and told her I was going to be applying for the program and asked what she suggested I do before I applied. She responded back and then said that I could call and make an appointment with her if I wanted to discuss these things in person. So, I did. I have met with her a total of three times now, and each time I have learned something new about this process.

Your school's Career Development office can be VERY helpful to you so USE it! You won't regret it.

Back to the main point of this post though, Sharon helped my figure out my enrollment situation. I will now get elective credit for two classes while I'm at Disney which will keep my Grace Period from activating. This means that the exploration series class I planned to take is out the window, and I will now be taking two of Disney Collegiate level courses. I have a list of four that's ranked in favor of the two I want to take the most. I have two back ups in case the ones I want fill up before I check in.

The two classes that I'm hoping to take are:

1) Marketing You
2) Creativity and Innovation

My back ups are Corporate Communication and Organizational Leadership (At least I think that's what their called, lol.)

I'm in the middle of exams right now so I'll probably be posting a lot more as a means of procrastinating and distracting myself (it's what I'm doing right now.) I'll be done with exams on May 4th (May the 4th be with you: International Star Wars Facebook Status Day) and I'll be moving home on the 5th after a long day of packing and cleaning my apartment.

So far I've got no updates to give you on the job front, but Sharon gave me a great idea. If I can't get a steady job I could always babysit. Extremely flexible hours, and money to make credit card payments plus I have TONS of experience to back it up. Also, my mom's a hair stylist with rich clients who might have kids or grandkids that need watching so I could give her a flier to put up at her station. And I think there's a website where people who want to babysit can put up a listing. I can't remember what it's called though. If anyone out there knows please feel free to comment and tell me.

Well, that's all for today! Until next time, have a magical day!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tales of a Disney College Program Hopeful -- Vlog #17

Until next time, have a magical day!

Small Disney Road Block...

So, you know how I mentioned the loan "Grace Period" in my last post?

Well, turns out that "Grace Period" is causing complications.

Until now my plan has been to take one exploration series class while at Disney. I'm not getting credit with my department, and I didn't need it for my insurance so I wasn't worried about classes at all. This plan has been scrapped.

I have loans, and the deal with loans is that you get a 6 month grace period after you leave school before you have to start paying them back. I'm going to be at Disney for 5 months. It's one month short of 6 but I do NOT want to risk anything. So my financial aid counselor suggested I be enrolled for 6 semester hours. My Grace Period wouldn't start and I wouldn't even have to worry about it. So, I e-mailed Sharon at Career Development and asked how I could get 6 semester hours, and she said it was a relatively easy fix.

All I needed to do was e-mail a specific person at the school of Business about being enrolled in the "Dummy" courses within the school of Business. These are courses with the school of Business label that act as place holders for credit and classes down at Disney. Sharon said that this meant I would now need to take TWO of Disney's collegiate courses to coincide with these "Dummy" classes.

I then realized that I had already submitted my "Intent Not to Return" form to the Registrar so I asked Sharon what I should do about that, and she said all I had to do was call them and request to have that form cancelled. So I did that, and was told they would contact everyone on campus and tell them I changed my mind about not being enrolled at school while at Disney. So then I sent the woman at the school of business an e-mail asking to be enrolled in those two Business courses.

Hopefully that will solve my problem. I'm meeting with Sharon tomorrow to discuss classes. I have a few questions for her about which ones I can take and which ones she suggests. After reviewing the list I think I know which ones I want to take, but like I said I have a few questions for Sharon first.

So there's my small Disney road block. It looks as though it's fixed. Cross your fingers that no more complications pop up.

Until next time, have a magical day!