Monday, September 10, 2012

19 Days and Counting!

As you may be able to see from my nifty little countdown nametag on the right side panel there are 19 days until my next Disney trip! I am so excited! This year my friend Holly and my mother are coming with me and we're meeting my friend Bethany, who is currently on her second CP, down there! And this year I get to be there for a whole week! Saturday to Saturday! No quick (yet so fun) whirlwind trip this year! I get to relax a bit more this year.

My friend, Holly, has never really experience Disney World as a whole. She came with me when I moved to Florida for my CP but only got to halfway experience Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. This time around she'll get to experience all of WDW and then some. We're going to The International Food & Wine Festival and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

We'll be staying at Pop Century in a standard room and we have the dining plan! So we get to eat at a nice table service restaurant every night! Bethany and I have already made our reservations! I cannot wait because I've never been to most of these restaurants before! We're eating at Raglan Road, La Hacienda de San Angel, 50's Primetime Cafe, Liberty Tree Tavern, The Wave of American Flavors, Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom (lunch), and The Crystal Palace (dinner).  I've eaten at The Wave and 50's Primetime, but none of the others! Michelle and I had a reservation for Liberty Tree last year but I had to cancel it due to time and budget.

I'm not sure which evening we'll be going to the party. We won't buy those tickets until the week before we leave. But I have reservations planned around either day that we might go. I already have a character plan of attack though! I'm going to try and meet characters that are unique to special events and parties and characters who's autographs I don't have yet. (Jafar, Captain Jack Sparrow, Suzy and Perla, etc. etc.) And of course we will stop and watch the parade, I will try and get my group to find a spot early so we can eat while we wait. I say forty-five minutes at most (any more than that is a waste of valuable character hunting time, haha).

Food and Wine I'm hoping to experience on Sunday morning while all the locals are at church. I learned last year that the lines are short and you can walk right up to the booths and order. I also plan to order at least three things I've never tried before (in addition to the Fisherman's Pie. I can't not get that.)

But for the most part we'll be winging it as to which park on which day. I know that whatever day we go to MNSSHP I would like to do Animal Kingdom since it's only open till 5 anyway, but that's certainly not set in stone. I'm mostly excited to be back there again. It may be crowded and hot, but something about it just breathes magic. Looking forward to another trip and seeing my friend Bethany for the first time in two years! I have missed her so much! It's going to be amazing!

And it's all just 19 days away!

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