Saturday, January 30, 2010

[INFOPOST] Disney or Bust!

Alright, so this is my old blogger from high school. I've cleaned it out, retitled it, and now here we go. I was looking around the internet and found out that lots of Disney College Program hopefuls start blogs. So, here we go.

First of all, let me say...I have not counted my chickens before they've hatched.

I'm starting this process with the idea of rejection in mind. I've made plans for insurance and financial aid and housing whether I'm at school in the fall or not, but let's cross our fingers that I'm invited to be a part of the program.

Okay Step One: Attend a Presentation or Watch the E-presentation--

The presentation on my school's campus are scheduled for Feb. 8th & 9th. I can't attend either presentation so I watched the E-presentation.

Step Two: Apply Online--

I applied last night. so that's step is done.

Step Three: Complete the Web-based Interview--

I did this and was kind of freaked out by the time limits on the question but it was pretty simple and really just a way for them to get a feel for my work ethic and personality. I was asked to call and schedule a phone interview. I called and then remembered it was the weekend so I'm going to have to call back on Monday.

Right now I'm celebrating the fact that I've got a phone interview! That's a positive step forward! Wish me luck as I continue on. I'll post again once I schedule that phone interview on Monday!

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