Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Return of the Top 5!

So I haven't done a Top 5 list in a really long time and I used to do them all the time on this blog. So I thought I would do a few that I did before I left. Because they have definitely changed since then. The first one I'm going to do is my top 5 Disney World attractions over all and maybe after then I'll break it down park by park.

5. Living with the Land Boat Ride

I know not many people have this one in their top 5, but I've always been odd. Why stop now? There's just something about this attraction that I love! I think it's the greenhouse with all the awesome and interesting vegetables and plants. And then to see the innovations in agriculture is just absolutely intriguing to me. Plus I love to see the different shapes they've planted the different colors of lettuce in. (Look for that next time if you never have before). Also really interesting to me was the little plastic cases they grew certain plants in (melons, pumpkins, etc.) that would help it form the shape of a Mickey head. Plus I LOVE those Tomato Trees and the nine pound lemons! They're amazing!

It also feels so very classic Disney too. There's the really amazing beginning of the attraction with all the simulations of different environments, and then the super dramatic ending is always fun! Haha. Definitely check it out if you haven't before. It's worth at least one ride for normal people. But if you're a Disney freak like me you might want to ride several times over. ;) And don't worry about wasting valuable time! I never waited in line more than 5 minutes!

You'll find it in the lower levels of The Land pavilion at Epcot. It's on the opposite end from Soarin'. You know, that attraction with the insane wait time that everyone else will be walking toward.

4. Spaceship Earth

Yes, inside that great big white sphere is a ride. An epic ride through time and space where you watch the dawn of civilization and technology unfold. And all of it narrated by Dame Judi Dench.

How can you not love Spaceship Earth? It's got everything you need in a classic Disney attraction. Animatronics? Yep, it's got 'em. (Including one with a shabby beard that's passed out in his garage. He creeps me out every time. He's supposed to be asleep, but to me he just looks dead.) Dramatic narration that keeps you interested? Yep, it's got that too. Insane details and breathtaking scenes? Definitely has those. Classic campy Disney humor? Of course!

Spaceship Earth is the first attraction guests come across when they enter the park and I think it's the perfect start for any day at Epcot. It's sets the tone not just for Future World but for the World Showcase too. It's a must do for anyone visiting Epcot.

3. The Carousel of Progress

This attraction is the epitome of classic Disney. Originally created for the World's Fair by Walt Disney himself the Carousel of Progress has a long and impressive history with the Disney company. It was updated sometime in the early 1990s so the end is a bit dated, but in my opinion that makes it so much more fun! The Carousel of Progress takes you through important time periods in America. You follow John and his family through the years and see how technology changed within the American household. There's an amazing song that goes with it that I always sing along with. Each time period is set in a different season or on a different holiday.

It's full of all the things you expect from Walt's time with Disney. Animatronics, family fun, campy humor, nostalgia, and a certain respect for older technology that you don't find much anymore.

As a bonus this attraction is inside an air conditioned rotating theater. It's worth a ride if only to rest your feet and sit in the cool air. But don't fall asleep! This is a quality attraction that deserves to be properly enjoyed. You might just come away with a few inside jokes! Just ask my old room mate Michelle! Better yet you'll come away singing (and believing) "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow."

2. Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain is the perfect coaster for the whole family. It's exciting but still a little tame. It swerves and dips unexpectedly but doesn't cause that tell-tale tummy flip. Plus there's the added bonus of a cute story about a sinking mine. Don't worry you won't get drenched on this one! But there a few tiny splashes of water here and there. They're more refreshing than inconvenient.

The last time I rode Big Thunder there was a little boy behind us with her mother and his grandfather. It was his very firs "big kid coaster". He was nervous before we got on the attraction. But after the ride was over he was the most precious thing ever. He could not get over just how much fun Big Thunder Mountain was. He ran up to his grandmother and made sure to brag about how brave and strong he was for surviving his first "real" coaster.

That moment seemed to sum up why I love Big Thunder. It's just thrilling enough without causing any real discomfort. Most people can ride this one without difficulty. Which means there are more opportunities for memories to be made on this attraction. Make sure you stop by and hitch a ride on that crazy mine train! You'll love it!

1. Splash Mountain

I can't deny that Splash Mountain is my favorite Disney World attraction. I can't seem to ride it enough (I also can't seem to find people who don't mind getting wet more than two times in a day so I don't get to ride it as often as some of the other rides). This is a wonderful ride that's also perfect for family fun.

There's an adorable story that follow Brer Rabbit. He's a sneaky little guy who tends to get in a lot of trouble. You follow him on his adventures through his little "village" full of other adorable creatures (make sure to look out for more "Brer" names. The details on this ride are fantastic.) then down to his "Laughing Place", and then you follow him as he's finally caught by Brer Bear and Brer Fox. Then it's down, down, down into the briar patch. Interestingly enough, it's not the actual drop that gets you wet or even the splash that follows it. No, you're sure to get soaked long before you ever get to the big drop. I won't tell you where, though. That will ruin the surprise.

Don't be afraid to sing along if you know the songs featured in the ride (and believe me you'll know at least one). Also if you're all alone and it's late at night, don't be afraid to scream really loud at every little drop. Somehow, it makes the ride ten times more enjoyable.

And there you go. Those are my current top 5. Definately different from what they were before I left for my college program. Enjoy!

Make sure you visit these attractions if you're planning to visit Disney World any time soon!


Anna said...

Yay Splash! And it's actually a bit easier to operate now that they put in the lap bars haha. There's a lot less of us running through the mountain trying to find anyone who jumped out of their log.

Logan said...

omg, the image of cast members running through splash mountain searching for guests cracks me up! LOL. That's hilarious.