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Top 5 Locations at Dowtown Disney

5. Arribas Brothers

The Arribas Brothers actually have a store on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom. It's just not called the Arribas Brothers.  The store features amazing glass sculptures and pieces of jewelry. As well as some items with amazing crystal work. Majority of the items in this store and it's sister store in the Magic Kingdom are very expensive. You'll find collectible porcelain plates here as well (I got one with Aurora and Prince Phillip on it as a birthday gift from my amazing room mate). This is a wonderful place to browse. I always made a point to wander through Arribas Brothers whenever I went to Downtown Disney if only so I could mark a few things down on my ultimate wish list in my head.

4. Art of Disney 

There are Art of Disney stores at the Magic Kingdom and at Epcot. There is also a smaller store in Hollywood Studios that sells the same merchandise but I'm not sure if it's technically considered an Art of Disney store. But, for me, I think the one at Downtown Disney is the best. They're the largest one on Disney property and the variety of art that they have is just amazing. If I had the money I would have bought so many awesome pieces of art from them. They also have wonderful little trinkets that collectors will enjoy. They have figurines and trinket boxes. I was given a trinket box with Maleficent on it from another one of my wonderful room mates. She bought it at Art of Disney. Art of Disney also has a computer system where you can look through their archives and order a print. You can order it at whatever size you want, and you can even order to have it framed. I spent hours browsing through their collection of prints just to see if there was anything I would have to spend my money on.

Again this store is a bit more pricey. They do have character sketches by artists that are very affordable in the store, but most of the artwork is rather expensive. But, still, it is fun to browse. Also you'll find Vinylmation in a lot of Art of Disney locations, and in most you'll find the mystery trading boxes as well. So if you're a Vinylmation collector Art of Disney is definitely the store for you.

3. AMC 24

What can I say about this theater? It is quite possibly the best place to see a movie ever. Now that I'm at home I miss AMC theaters but specifically THIS AMC theater. Their concessions stands can not be rivaled by anyone. They have chicken tenders (we're talking restaurant quality), ice cream, hot dogs (with actual "fixins" as we call them in my house),  and the most amazing series of Coke Freestyle machines you will ever see. What's a Coke Freestyle Machine?

THAT is a Coke Freestyle machine, and it is the coolest thing ever. It feels like there is an unlimited amount of drink choices when you're at that fountain machine. You can even mix and match different flavors. Want a Coke with a hint of orange? You can get regular Coke and add a bit of Orange Fanta. Another amazing thing about this machine? When you choose Cherry Coke it's not your average Cherry Coke. It's Coke with actual Cherry syrup. You wouldn't think it would taste any different, but I'm here to tell DOES. It's the most delicious Cherry Coke I've ever had.

But not only are their concessions amazing, but every auditorium is comfortable. The seats are probably the most spacious I've ever seen. Btw, if you're seeing a movie in Auditorium's HUGE. It has a balcony (always sit in the balcony. Preferably row heads or balcony railing to block your view.)

I saw so many movies at this theater. It was truly an enjoyable experience every time. The staff are wonderful (very friendly and helpful), and the theater itself is massive and very clean. A great place to go see a movie.

Clearly, I'm a movie geek. Can you tell?

2. World of Disney

The World of Disney Store is the largest Disney Store on all of Walt Disney World property. You can find anything and everything here. There's even a Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique inside the store. Beside of the boutique is the largest selection of costumes you will ever find on property (for little girls. Sorry grown up girls, no costumes for you.) There's a whole room dedicated to toddlers. There's a section for plush (largest pook-a-looz selection after Mouse Gear at Epcot.) There's a section for women's clothes, men's clothes, little girl's clothes, little boy's clothes, kitchen ware and home goods, junior clothing, affordable souvenir odds and ends, and a section for high end items (such as the Douney & Bourke purses produced specifically for the Disney Parks.) It's essentially a Disney Parks department store. If you're there with your family be sure to keep an eye on them because if you don't it will take you at least fifteen minutes to find them again. (Trust me, it's that huge.) Also look out for Stitch. He's perched above one of the entrances to World of Disney. I learned the hard way that he does occasionally spit (usually on hot days).

1. Tren-D

Tren-D quickly became my favorite store. I spent way too much of my paycheck at this place. As their name states they have extremely trendy Disney merchandise for women. Purses, jewelry, clothing, and even a few books. Some items are affordable, but most are expensive. This store is home to the "Disney Couture" line of clothing and jewelry. It also has a selection of the Douney & Bourke pocket books you can find at World of Disney. The clothing is absolutely the cutest. Last time I was there they had items centered around Snow White, Cinderella, Alice, and Minnie Mouse. But if you look hard enough you'll find items for Jasmine, Pocahontas, Aurora, Daisy Duck, and the Disney Villains as well. These clothing items are not your traditional touristy park merchandise. These are more fashionable items that you will probably wear more often.

I adore this store, and really wish Disney would make this a franchise. I could see these in malls around the country. They would do very well.

Honorable Mentions:

Little Miss Matched: This is an adorable store, and one of only three in the nation I believe. This store is largely focused toward little girls and their moms. They have items that come in similar but mismatched sets of three. From socks to leg warmers everything comes in a mismatched set of three. I have several pairs of socks from this store, and I love them to death.

Earl of Sandwich: This quickly became one of my favorite places to eat. They have a special sandwich around Thanksgiving that is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted (it's turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy...on a sandwich.) Their year round selections are extremely yummy as well. Every sandwich is hot and delicious and yet somehow unique from any sandwich you've ever had before. Definitely give this place a try! You'll love it!

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