Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A Tribute to Star Tours (the Original)

So, Today, as I'm sure some of you know, is Star Wars Day. And while I was preparing my Top 5 list on my favorite Hollywood Studios attractions I noticed I had "Tribute to Star Tours" typed out in my notes. And then I thought, "What better way to celebrate Star Wars Day then by dedicating a whole post to the original Star Tours attraction?"

So, let me take a moment to say: "May the fourth be with you! Happy Star Wars Day!" And I hope that this post will help you get in the Star Wars Day spirit!

Star Tours was and will forever be one of my favorite Hollywood Studios attractions. Sadly, I knew I wouldn't be able to include it in my Top 5 list because the version I know so well is no more, and the new one hasn't opened yet (nor have I ridden it.) So, my original plan was to dedicate a snippet to Star Tours in the "Honorable Mentions" section of my Top 5 post. But now it's going to get it's own article.

I don't care that some people called it "dated" or that they felt the ride was too bumpy. Star Tours was the perfect Star Wars attraction. It truly felt as if you had stepped into the original trilogy. There was no trace of the prequels in sight (another reason I loved this attraction.) The pre-ride videos were absolutely hysterical. So many Star Wars reference in such a short video always amazed me.

One thing I dearly hope doesn't change too much is the Queue line. I love The Star Tours Queue line just like it is. The ships, the droids, the decor. I love it all. I will be sorely disappointed if all of that has changed whenever I finally get a chance to ride Star Tours 2.

While I was on my program the original Star Tours was still open for a good portion of it. I made a habit out of riding Star Tours at least twice every time I visited Hollywood Studios. I knew it would be going away soon and I wanted to make sure I would remember the original no matter what. Unlike most I have been skeptical about Star Tours 2 from the beginning, but as I was working for Disney World when the original was shut down I am, actually, very anxious to ride the new one.

I've heard many things about it, and while I will miss the original dearly I still believe the re-imagined Star Tours will be loads of fun. But I hope no one will ever forget the truly awesome original Star Tours and it's amazing themeing. My first trip to Disney World only consisted of two of the four parks: Epcot and Hollywood Studios (then MGM). Star Tours was one of the very first things I rode, and I remember being blown away by the environment. I was absolutely thrilled. I felt as if I stepped into the universe of one of my all time favorite film franchises, and that will forever be one of my favorite Disney memories. I hope Star Tours 2 keeps that same spirit, and that it will be a part of a new generations favorite Disney memories as well.

Happy Star Wars Day, and, once again, may the fourth be with you!

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