Thursday, April 22, 2010

ASU's Disney Send Off Party! (and Formspring stuff)

So tonight at 6PM I attended my school's Disney College Program Send Off Party. It was really fun and informative but wasn't really a party. It was really just all of sitting in a circle asking questions and discussing the reality of the Program.

The campus reps brought us pizza, and we sat together in a room in the Student Union and talked. They gave us a packet of information to help us while we're in Orlando. It has helpful tips and a list of grocery stores and restaurants nearby, and lots of other great information. I got the skinny on going seasonal (which I will hopefully end up doing), and clarified a few things like Main Gate Passes.

I found out that there are 10 of us from AppState headed to Orlando. We have no students going to California. Originally there were 15 of us going to Orlando, but 1 changed her mind and FOUR never even responded to their offers. Only eight of us were at the party because the last two were just unavailable for the night.

It was really chill and laid back. I had a ton of fun getting to know some of the cool people that will be down there when I will be. I have to say that my AppState D-fam seems pretty awesome. A lot of the Campus Reps are graduating this year, so this helps my chances for when I apply to be a campus rep at the end of my Program. They were all really amazing and helpful. If you've got campus reps at your school, don't be afraid of them. They really just want you to be comfortable with your Disney adventure. They're willing to help anyway they can.

So that's all I have about the Send Off party. Now to explain why there was no "Formspring Wednesday" this week. Formspring is being difficult. I answered two questions on Wednesday but Formspring is only showing that I answered one. The second question I answered has just dissappeared.

So instead of a post please see Vlog #13 for this week's Formspring Wednesday questions.

That's all for now! Until next time, have a magical day!

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