Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Small Disney Road Block...

So, you know how I mentioned the loan "Grace Period" in my last post?

Well, turns out that "Grace Period" is causing complications.

Until now my plan has been to take one exploration series class while at Disney. I'm not getting credit with my department, and I didn't need it for my insurance so I wasn't worried about classes at all. This plan has been scrapped.

I have loans, and the deal with loans is that you get a 6 month grace period after you leave school before you have to start paying them back. I'm going to be at Disney for 5 months. It's one month short of 6 but I do NOT want to risk anything. So my financial aid counselor suggested I be enrolled for 6 semester hours. My Grace Period wouldn't start and I wouldn't even have to worry about it. So, I e-mailed Sharon at Career Development and asked how I could get 6 semester hours, and she said it was a relatively easy fix.

All I needed to do was e-mail a specific person at the school of Business about being enrolled in the "Dummy" courses within the school of Business. These are courses with the school of Business label that act as place holders for credit and classes down at Disney. Sharon said that this meant I would now need to take TWO of Disney's collegiate courses to coincide with these "Dummy" classes.

I then realized that I had already submitted my "Intent Not to Return" form to the Registrar so I asked Sharon what I should do about that, and she said all I had to do was call them and request to have that form cancelled. So I did that, and was told they would contact everyone on campus and tell them I changed my mind about not being enrolled at school while at Disney. So then I sent the woman at the school of business an e-mail asking to be enrolled in those two Business courses.

Hopefully that will solve my problem. I'm meeting with Sharon tomorrow to discuss classes. I have a few questions for her about which ones I can take and which ones she suggests. After reviewing the list I think I know which ones I want to take, but like I said I have a few questions for Sharon first.

So there's my small Disney road block. It looks as though it's fixed. Cross your fingers that no more complications pop up.

Until next time, have a magical day!

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