Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Formspring Wednesday!

where did you answer my questions? Are you coming this weekend?
This question is from my cousin Kayla, and I'm guessing she was asking about our family's Easter Breakfast that we have every Good Friday. Kayla, yes I did come, lol. And are you talking about your questions about coming to visit me and me getting you a T-shirt? I answered those a long time ago. Just click on the tag "Formspring" and it should be one of the posts that come up. Btw, I will be at your birthday part this weekend! Are you a liscensed driver yet, cousin? ;)

If you could marry any animated Disney hero, who would you choose?
oh man, this is hard. I like them all really, but if I was going to MARRY one of them it would be Prince Phillip. He's a Prince, but he seems very modest and chill. He's confident and pretty funny I'd say. If you haven't watched "Sleeping Beauty" in a while, go watch it. Phillip is actually really funny (espescially when talking to his father, haha.) Yes, I would marry Phillip. Or Prince Edward from Enchanted just because he looks and sings like James Marsden. :)

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