Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[INFOPOST] Things to Think About: Financial Aid

If you're applying for the program then Financial Aid should be one of the first things you think about. If you're applying in January for the Fall you've got to think about the FAFSA, If you've got private scholarships you'll need to meet with your financial aid counselor, and if you've got loans you'll need to make sure the program doesn't accidentally activate your college loan "grace period."

Some schools make it difficult to meet with your financial aid counselor (like mine.) Our counselors at ASU prefer to do things over the phone rather than in person, but it may not be that way at your school. Also, it depends on what kind of financial aid you have. All of my financial aid is Federal and is a result of my FAFSA so all I had to worry about was how to re-apply for FAFSA.

I called my counselor and she told me to apply like I did every year and just to fill it out like I was coming back in the Fall and then when I hear back about my awards I would need to make it clear WHICH semester I would be accepting them for.

Also, the FAFSA Customer Service lady told me to make sure the "grace period" on my student loans was tripped while I was in Florida. If you have a loan you get a "grace period" before you have to start paying them back, and it's possible that my absence from school while on the program could be seen as me no longer being in school. My "grace period" could start while in Florida and then I would have to start paying back loans when I return home. We definitely don't won't that.

So I've got to call Financial Aid today and make sure nothing happens with my loans. Hopefully, she'll ask if I want to make an appointment. I would really feel better discussing it in person. It just feels more official than discussing it over the phone. If she doesn't, though, I can deal. As long as I KNOW that the government knows I'm not through with school yet.

Anyways, there's your hopefully helpful post for the day! No Formspring Wednesday once again. This week I had only one question from my cousin Kayla, and it wasn't really a question about the program. It was a personal thing. So I'll answer her question privately.

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