Sunday, June 13, 2010

College Program Savings - Major Fail

(57) days till Check-in
(53) days till I'm in Orlando
(7) days till the premiere of Jonas: LA
(5) days till Toy Story 3 is released

Okay, so I've been very very bad with my first two paychecks. I've spent way too much money, and bought too many things I don't need.

No more spending. NONE. The only time I'm allowed to spend money is when I'm going out to eat or going to the movies. THAT'S IT. No more DVDs, no more TOMS shoes, no more Flip Camera accessories, and no more trips to Disney Stores! I'll be in Disney in 53 days. I can buy Disney stuff then.

Anyways, I've taken what's left in my account and used my percentages on that.

So, here are my current SAD savings totals.

Credit: $104.59
Savings: $62.75

From now on I will figure my percentages as SOON as I get a paycheck. I can NOT let this happen every week.

That's all for now!

Until next time, have a magical day!

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