Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"I Know the Road Seems Long, but It Won't be Long till it's Time to Go."

Hey everyone!

(63) days till check-in
(59) days until I leave for Orlando
(12) days until the premiere of Jonas: LA

Nothing too exciting has happened this week. I've fallen into a bit of a rhythm with my job. I love it! Good hours, good pay. I'm trying not to spend a lot of money. I bought a pair of TOMS the other day but that is the LAST thing I'm buying. (BTW, if you follow me on Twitter you got a chance to vote and help me decide which pair of TOMS to buy. Thanks for your opinion if you voted! It was fun! haha.) Anything else I buy will be dinners or movie tickets. Everything else is going into savings. I'll keep you updated with totals and stuff. Here's how I'm splitting up my savings percentages:

To Credit: 50%
To Disney: 30%
To Me: 20%

Money to be transferred to savings as of now: $368 ($230 of it will go to pay off my credit card). Once I pay off the balance on my card those percentages will change. I want to have my card completely paid off before I get to Disney.

You guys will have to help me stay accountable for my spending. I'm not buying anything else except for things that have to do with going out and enjoying the summer with my friends. Nothing else.

Also I started my "internship" with Winston-Salem Monthly last week! It's not technically an internship (because they're not supposed to have one) so we're calling it "shadowing". I go in once a week do some grunt work, sit in on some meetings, and learn a lot about how a magazine is put together. I really enjoyed my first day.

I have to call financial aid tomorrow and clarify some things about the federal awards I accepted. I'm confused because I was under the impression that I could accept the federal awards for one semester, but I wasn't given that option. So now I have to call and ask my adviser what to do. I also have to contact this girl about subleasing her apartment for second semester, and see what her room mates are like.

Also I'm turning in my key and having my apartment inspected on Friday morning. I can not wait to be done with that apartment. I'm very excited to hand back that key.

I need to start making a packing list soon. If anyone knows where I can find a really good one let me know! I don't even know where to begin making a packing list for 5 months worth of things.

That's all for now! Until next time, have a magical day!

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