Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Savings Update, Vlogs, and Crunch Time

(26) Days until check in
(22) Days until I leave for Orlando
(17) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(9) Days until Ramona & Beezus
Psych premieres TONIGHT!

 Alright guys, it's time for another savings update. Today I added $71.01 to my Disney savings. So here is my new total:   


I've worked four extra hours this week so my paycheck should be around $240 next week which will mean I'll get to put $201 into my savings. So that will help a lot.

In other news, I still don't have a car. The insurance guy is not taking my dad's calls, apparently. So we can't buy a car until we talk to him and get our money.

I've only accomplished one thing on my "Top 5 things to do before I pack list", and I realized last night that I need to make it a Top 6 list. I need to add "Print Direct Deposit form" to the list.

Mom is also planning a send off party for me on July 31st. That should be a good time.

We're in crunch time now here, folks. The stress is starting to get to me (especially with all the drama of buying a car). I have to finish my top 6 list, I would also like to buy a few more things that I need, I've got to start trying to pack (I don't even know where to begin). Like a lot of other people I'm beginning to feel like I'm behind on everything even though I've been preparing for this since February.

Expect a new vlog this weekend sometime about the classes I want to take in Disney. If it doesn't come this weekend then look for it early next week. I should start my packing vlog in a couple of weeks. It might take a while as I plan to spread out my packing so I'm not doing it all at one time.

But that's all for today!

Until next time, have a magical day!


Kristin said...

You can cross the printing direct deposit form off your list. Disney has you set up direct deposit on the Hub. You don't need the form unless you don't have a check or something with your account & routing numbers on it.

Logan said...

Thanks Kristen! I didn't know that! Awesome! One more thing that makes my life easier, haha. :D