Saturday, July 24, 2010

To-do/Top 5 List Update!

(17) Days until check in
(13) Days until I leave for Orlando
(8) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(0) Days until Ramona & Beezus

1. Buy a car. I'm really close on this one guys. Ruby is being totaled. So I must find something else. The insurance company is only giving my 6,000 so I need something affordable but quality. I've found something I like. I just need to convince my dad to like it too.

2. Find an apartment in Boone for Spring 2011. So far I've had no luck. I've only found two real possibilities and neither one of them got back to me. But I'm going to keep looking until I leave and after I leave (if I haven't found anything by then). (Now to be done in October while I'm in Florida).

3. Finish filling out my W4. This is all I have left of my on boarding paperwork.

4. Find my birth certificate or have a Passport made. This is for check in. I either need a passport or my driver's license and birth certificate.

5. Buy a pair of dress flats for my "Non-costumed" Disney look. I need a pair of black flats to go with my Disney professional clothing. 

 6. Apparently I have to add "Get renter's insurance" to this list. Ugh. (To be done as soon as I move into one of the CP apartments).

Find My Birth Certificate:

So my adventure today was ALL about getting this done. Only Forsyth County's court and government buildings are so spread out that it took us FOREVER to find the Office of Deeds. We walked in the heat (and in circles) for HOURS. I, however, learned that Forsyth County has a "Hall of Justice" which really made the comic book nerd in me happy. But I'm now sunburned from all the outside walking. (And exhausted).

Tomorrow I plan on filming and editing a vlog about the classes I plan on taking, and I'm also going to start filming things for packing vlog. :)

We're into crunch time now, people! I'm so excited!

Next Wednesday will be my last day for my internship, and then next Saturday will be my Send-Off part with my family friends (which I am BEYOND excited for!) My friend Holly is now coming with us to Orlando. She's going to be hanging out with me while I get settled at Disney and then leaving with my parents on the morning of August 11th. She's never been to Disney and I can not wait to get her down there! We're also going to go to Islands of Adventure and pay a visit to Hogsmeade as we're both HUGE Harry Potter fans. (I fully intend on buying a wand).

That's all for now!

Until next time, have a magical day!

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