Friday, July 09, 2010

Top 5 Things to Do Before I Pack!

(31) Days until check in
(27) Days until I leave for Orlando
(23) Days until Charlie St. Cloud
(15) Days until Ramona & Beezus
(6) Days until Psych  

1. Buy a car. I'm really close on this one guys. Ruby is being totaled. So I must find something else. The insurance company is only giving my 6,000 so I need something affordable but quality. I've found something I like. I just need to convince my dad to like it too.

2. Find an apartment in Boone for Spring 2011. So far I've had no luck. I've only found two real possibilities and neither one of them got back to me. But I'm going to keep looking until I leave and after I leave (if I haven't found anything by then).

3. Finish filling out my W2. This is all I have left of my on boarding paperwork.

4. Find my birth certificate or have a Passport made. This is for check in. I either need a passport or my driver's license and birth certificate.

5. Buy a pair of dress flats for my "Non-costumed" Disney look. I need a pair of black flats to go with my Disney professional clothing.


Dana said...

I feel your pain about car shopping I'm in the same predicament. I have to be under 7,000. Except mine is just really old it's a 1997. I'm trying to find one that can make the Drive from Pittsburgh PA to Orlando Fl.

Christina said...

If you're going to get a passport get it ASAP - the prices are going up next week sometime.

Logan said...

Thanks for the heads up, Christina! :)