Monday, March 29, 2010

Planning, Planning, and More Planning!

Well, this past weekend was a weekend full of vlogs. I actually got to see my camp girls this weekend. Good times. I get to see them again on April 10th, possibly April 9th and I'm sure they'll be more vlogs about Camp after that weekend too.

This weekend was also full of planning. I had stated earlier on here that I was going to get to stay on Disney property, but that has changed. Mom and I missed the special offer that put the Value Resorts with in our budget. So instead we booked a King Suite at an Embassy Suites 4 miles away from Disney. It looks really nice, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it. But sadly no vlogs from the All Star Music Resort will be posted on my YouTube account.

We're checking in at the Embassy Suites on August 5th which is a full four days before I have to check in. My parents and I are going to take a little mini-Disney vacay. ("You mean like on vacay?" "Road Trip!". If you get this reference your life must be full of win.) We're hopefully meeting up with Michelle and her mom on Sunday, and then Michelle and I are going to have some roomie bonding time. (YAY!) Then on Monday We're going to pick up Michelle, her mom, and her luggage and all head over to Vista Way together! (YAY!)

That's the plan. Hopefully this will still be the plan in August because I like this plan. If it changes, I will of course let you guys know.

I still have to call the Department of Comm office and figure out how to schedule a Senior Audit. I'm also going to call Financial Aid this week to ask what happens with the FAFSA if I don't come back next semester. I'm also going to apply for more summer jobs this week sometime.

Anyway, that's all for right now! Don't forget about Formspring Wednesdays! Get your questions in! You can use the little purple box to your right!

Until next time, have a magical day!

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