Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Now Entering the Pile Up Zone. Ugh.

Okay, I have one semester left of school after this one and I'm already tired of it. I'm ready to have a real job and be doing something I'm passionate about. Hopefully the DCP will refresh me for my last semester of college. I'm also hoping it will help me make connections that could turn into a job at Disney. That's my overall goal. I love my school, I love major, and for the most part I love my classes, but I'm ready to graduate and truly strike out on my own.

Now that I've said that. Time to get to the purpose of this post.

This week is CRAZY busy. The week after Spring Break always tends to be insane around here, and this week is no exception. I've had lots of things due this week. You probably won't see many blogs from me until the weekend and even then I have a huge new proactive campaign I need to be working on for my Media Graphics class. I'll definitely keep you all updated, but probably not as frequently as I was. Also I can't promise a Top 5 every day anymore. Maybe I can promise you one once every week, but definitely not every day.

I have two tests tomorrow to study for and I need to be brainstorming for my Proactive campaign. It's HUGE. I have to make two posters and a brochure and I still have no idea what topic to pick. I also have to call the Dean's office for my senior audit and turn in the necessary paperwork for Florida to the registrar this week. I wouldn't expect another Blog or Top 5 until Saturday or Sunday.

This is when the work starts piling up. There are 36 days of class left in this semester so the final papers, projects, and not to mention exams will be popping up very soon. I'm going to be crazed with school from here on out. Luckily, though, I don't have to deal with registration on top of everything else this time around.

For those of you on Spring Break this week...enjoy it. It won't last forever. I'm a firm believer that Spring Break was entirely too short. Just three more weekends until Easter Break! YAY!

I'll see you guys this weekend and give you a report on all of my preparations for Florida! I'm thinking I might do a vlog about it. What do you guys think?

To vlog or not to vlog? That is the question.

Oh, and I'm thinking of setting up a particular day of the week where I answer my formspring questions. I'm thinking Wednesdays since I don't work on Wednesday mornings. I'll let you guys know my final decision this weekend!

Until next time, have a magical day!

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Michelle said...

Yes. Please vlog. I miss seeing my future roomie. :(