Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break Summary...

Okay, so I haven't been blogging much this week because I've been on break and trying to enjoy my family. So here's where you guys get caught up on what I've been doing this week.

Friday night my family had a get together at my grandmother's house, and I was asked all sorts of questions about the program and given lots of congratulations (which is always fun.) I looked at my aunt's Disney World pictures. They went back in October, and it made even more anxious to be in Florida. Saturday was my nephew's 2nd Birthday Party. That was all kinds of awesome fun! Mom and I cut my hair between her helping my sister-in-law set up and the actual party. My hair rests JUST on my shoulders now. It's amazing. Thank goodness my mother is a hairdresser. Sunday was church, I went to my college sunday school class that I always miss so much when I'm away at school, and I got to see my dad sing in the service. My dad has an amazing voice.

Monday we kept my nephew. He's at a really adorable but crazy active age, and we discovered that he LOVES "Toy Story". He called Woody his "buddy." I showed him videos of the characters at the Disney World parks and he tried to hug my computer when Mickey came on the screen. I think he now believes my computer is the magical portal to Mickey and Woody. This day made me really hope that my brother's family would be able to visit me in Florida. Cody and Kaleb are at just the right age to really and truly appreciate Disney and it's magic.

Tuesday mom and I went shopping for Business Professional clothes for both Florida and my summer internship. We found a few things. Wednesday I had a meeting with Angie Gibson at "Skirt Magazine" about my summer internship. We talked about what I would be doing, and when I would be doing it. I told her about Disney and that I would be needing to get a part time job this summer. She was really nice, and laid back. Basically I'll be shadowing her and making sales calls. There is a chance that I will get to spend some time with Alice, the graphic designer they contract all their artwork out to. I'm really hoping I can. "Skirt" has an awesome look. I would love to see how this designer works. After that mom and I got lunch at Arby's and kept my nephew again for a few hours.

Later that night mom and I talked about possible hotels that we could stay at in Florida before I check in. We decided we did not want to stay at the Holiday Inn Sunspree so we're looking at other hotels in the area. We have a list of possibilities but we won't be able to book anything until mom finds out what days she has off from work (which won't be until sometime next week.) We're hoping to check in on Friday the 6th, and then spend Saturday and Sunday hanging out before they have to check me in on Monday. They'll be checking out on Tuesday and hopefully I'll be able to have dinner with them before they leave. That's the plan anyway. Mom just has to get Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday off from work. Dad's a self employed contractor so getting those days off is no problem for him, but mom has to get the okay from Pepsi. She works telemarketing sales at the Pepsi headquarters in town. After we talked about travel plans, mom and I talked about when she could visit me in Florida.

Thursday mom and I went to Concord Mills (a big mall about two hours away from us.) We went shopping again for Business Professional clothes. Then we went to the Disney Store Outlet. We bought things for my nephews' Easter Baskets, and I got a Mickey head for my car antenna and the 2010 Walt Disney World Birnbaum Guide. After spending HOURS at the Disney Store I missed our Hanes Mall Disney Store even more. It closed last year and I've been sad ever since. (although I did get a GREAT deal on a Beauty and Beast snow globe at their going out of business sale.) I wish I could work at a Disney Store for my part time summer job. That would probably keep me from being so anxious about Florida at least a little bit.

After the Disney Store we went to TJ Maxx and I got a pair of really cute sandals for dirt cheap. Then we went to Bass Pro Shop for dad. He wasn't with us but Bass Pro Shop is his favorite store ever so we stopped by to get him a little something for fun. Then we went home. I hung out with the family and watched television and read my Birnbaum guide. I checked out a few websites that I didn't know existed like and hinted at my parents that I might like to receive one of those when I'm there during the program. There's this really awesome breakfast arrangement that comes with LOTS of snack food and an awesome travel mug. I think mom got the message at least, lol.

Friday I hung out with the family some more and my friend Carrie came to visit at around 12:30. We watched a Fred and Ginger movie and a BUNCH of Jonas episodes, and then at 5:40 my friend Beth met us at my house and we all went to dinner and to see Alice in Wonderland. It was very good! I loved it! Then we went to the Starbucks Cafe in Barnes and Noble. We sipped our coffees/juices and walked around looking at DVDs and books. I bought two Jane Austen books. One is Jane Austen quotes and the other is about her personal letters to her friends and family. We drove throught pouring rain to get back to my house and then Carrie stayed up with me to watch half of "Mansfield Park" she went to bed and I finished the movie.

Today we both slept in really late. I was going to get up at 10, but I didn't end up getting out of bed until 11. It's bugging me that I slept in that late. Carrie left just a few minutes ago to head home. I've got to go to my old youth theatre's performance today. There's a show at 2 that I'm going to go to. They're performing "Suessical the Musical" and I can't wait to see it. Tonight I will probably be going to see Alice again for my cousin's birthday and then tomorrow I will hopefully be helping her celebrate her birthday again at a family luncheon. After that I go back to school and pull an all nighter doing the homework I've been putting off all week.

Hopefully next week we'll return to our regularly scheduled blogs.

Until next time, have a magical day!

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