Friday, February 12, 2010

My Top 5 Favorite Disney World Resorts

Alright so we're back for another Top 5! This one is my Top 5 favorite resorts! I've only stayed on the Disney Property once but when I did it was immensely enjoyable. These resorts that I've picked our my favorites to look at or ones I would really like to Stay in! So Enjoy!

5. All Star Movies Resort

Look at that giant Woody statue! It's totally awesome and makes me want to stay there! lol!

This resort and all the value resorts are amazing deals! Even when the rates are high it's still worth it. You get to stay in the middle of all the Disney magic AND receive guest benefits like Extra Magic Hours and certain resort guest only discounts. Things at the resort gift shops are usually a little cheaper than they would be at the parks too! If you book at the right times you can stay here for $89 a night! That's an awesome deal! The first time I make a trip down there with friends I WILL be staying there. I think it looks like a lot of fun!

4. Port Orleans (Riverside or French Quarter):

I think the atmostphere at this resort must be pretty wonderful. Every picture I've seen looks beautiful!

This is another resort that I plan on staying at eventually. I think it looks like it would be beautiful and a great place to explore. Disney tends to go all out with their themes and I've heard the on site restaurants for this resort are no exception! Also, to bring out the kid in you...there's a dragon waterslide! Yes a DRAGON. It looks AWESOME. This is a moderate resort so it's a little more expensive than All Star Movies but you get extra amenities that totally make it worth the additional cost!

3. Wilderness Lodge:

This resort is beautiful on the inside and out!

On my last trip to Disney World my family and I walked through this resort. I was surprised at how beautiful it was! There's a small creek that runs under the floor of the Lobby! It's so cool! I've also heard the food at the resort is delicious too! I've heard the rooms are spacious and nice, and I LOVE the geiser! Plus the free form pool looks like a lot of fun to me. This is one of my dream places to stay. Hopefully I will get to one day.

2. The Grand Floridian:

They're not kidding about the "Grand" part are they?

Take a look at this picture and tell me if it looks familliar. If it doesn't then you didn't watch TV in the 90s. See that piano in the lobby? That's where Uncle Jesse serenaded people in the lobby while he waited to apologize to Becky. That's right. I just referenced Full House. What are you gonna do about it? I have loved this resort ever since I saw it on that episode. Now, I am not obsessed with Full House, but I do have that show to thank for showing me how beautiful this resort is! It's classic and beautiful! I'm about to go 14 year old girl on you and tell you that this is always where I imagined staying on my honeymoon. My parents and I also walked through this lobby the last time we were in Disney World and I have to tell you it is JUST as beautiful in person! I love this resort!

1. Old Key West

The little known jewell of Disney resorts, in my oppinion.

I stayed here after my high school graduation with my parents and a friend. They let me plan our trip as part of my present and I found this quaint little Villa resort because it had a lower rate during our vacation week than many other resrots. Plus it was a villa with a kitchen so we could bring groceries and save money on food. The resort was beautiful and had very helpful Cast members! We checked in early and they held our bags until our room was ready so we could head out into the park. When we got back our room was ready to go and our bags were waiting for us inside. We had all of our souvineers delivered back to our room that week which was very convenient when you were riding rides. Plus the pool was HUGE. It never felt too crowded and had a great water slide for the kids. The water slide looked like a giant sandcastle. I even saw some parents taking trips down the slide. The restaurant (Olivia's) was very delicious, and the gift shop had everyhing on sale. The bus came all the way down to our building to pick us up and head to the parks, and there is a golf course on property! My dad loved that and made good use of it! He even made a hole in one that week! He got a special ball and plaque and everything! All in all, I LOVE this resort and would gladly stay there again and again.

That's all for this list! Until next time, have a magical day!

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