Monday, February 22, 2010

[INFOPOST] Purple Folder and Job Description!

Okay so my role is Merchandise. Which means I'll be working at a retail store on Disney property. For my friends and family that follow this blog and don't know what my role entails I'm going to paste the DCP website's info in this post so they'll know. So here are the basic things my job includes:


Responsibilities may include:

•Demonstrating and selling merchandise in indoor and outdoor areas

•Cash handling - both manual and using computerized registers

•Stocking and cleaning shelves and carts

•Receiving/putting away stock and deliveries

•Stroller/wheelchair rental - including repetitive lifting, stacking, and pushing strollers and wheelchairs

•Preparation of food/candy

•Selling of alcohol and tobacco

•Providing information to Guests

•Approaching Guests and engaging them in conversation

•Preparing packages for shipping/delivery

•Working independently or as part of a large team

•Standing for extended periods, working outdoors
Additionally on Saturday my actual purple folder came! YAY! To me this folder is a precious thing. It's amazing. It's got the "Living, Earning, and Learning" basic overview information, and the letter letting me know that I'm in and my role and my pay rate. Then there's a sheet about the Disney Look, and a "Parent Fact Sheet." There's also 3D glasses for me to use on this game they have on the DCP website that you can play once you accept your role and pay your fee (which I've done.)
Here's a picture of me and my folder (I might take another one later, this picture isn't my favorite of me ever):

Until next time, have a magical day!

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