Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Something to Keep Me Busy...

Yes, I know that it is insanely early. I went to bed early last night and the body seems to refuse to let me have more than 7 hours of sleep at a time. I have nothing else to do which results in me blogging at quater after 5 in the morning.

So, I'm starting to go a little crazy already. I think the white envelope fake out messed me up completely, lol! I need something to keep me busy (school work is apparently not doing the job) so today I made up a whole bunch of Top 5 lists about Disney. I've made enough to keep me busy for a LONG time.

I've decided it will be something fun to do as opposed to boring you all with the details of my boring existence. I'm probably going to keep making lists as long as I don't hear, lol. I'm waiting to do the "dream locations" stuff until after I hear whether I'm in or not. I really don't want to count my chickens before they've hatched and jinx myself.

I'm currently passing the time by waiting on a blizzard that may never come. I really want classes cancelled today (which of course means they probably won't be.)

Be on the look out for the first Top 5 List coming up really soon!

Until next time, have a magical day!

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