Saturday, February 20, 2010

Road Trip/Check-in Day Outfit!

Now that I'm officially a Walt Disney World College Program participant for Fall 2010 I feel like I can show you guys what I would and maybe will wear on that lovely trip down to Florida or for Check in at Vista Way on August 9th, 2010. I LOVE Old Navy and American Eagle so most of these items come from those two stores. I'm also a big fan of Ray Bans specifically Wayfarers. Anyway, If you look you'll see I've got my tote packed with things I take on EVERY road trip like Vitamin Water and Cheddar Harvest SunChips. I also have my camera, my flip camera, my phone, and my iPod. Those go with me everywhere that I want to make memories.

1 comment:

lala88 said...

I love your outfits!!!
They only thing I have to say about check in is that you can't wear a tank top. If you do you have to wear something over it because they take your picture that day and it can't show your shoulders. I don't know why and it seems weird but that's what it says.