Friday, February 05, 2010

No School, No School, La La La La La La!

Hopefully when you read the above title you picture the hyenas from the Lion King singing and dancing as they did in "Be Prepared", lol. I know I do! I tried to find a video of it to add to the post for effect but all I found was this multilingual vid that showed the scene over and over again in different languages. Well, the university closed today due to snow! YAY! I managed to finish all of my assignments and e-mail the people I needed to this morning still though, so now I'm blogging.

I told my self last time that I wasn't going to blog until Friday, and now it's Friday!

My family is supposed to get together at my grandmother's house tonight. We do this thing called "First Friday" where on the first Friday of every month we all get together for dinner and a movie at my grandmother's. This time I can't go, and I'm sad about that. But I've told dad to have every one Skype me if they end up going over there so I might still get to talk to my family tonight.

Alright, some of you who are my friends on facebook might have seen my minor freak out from yesterday. Let me explain. I was looking around and I found this thread where people talked about rejections. That was my first mistake. As I read through I found out that some people were rejected because they only selected 5-8 roles. I immediately panicked because I only picked 5. I continued to freak out for a couple of hours until my cousin and some hopeful CPers snapped me out of it.

I realized I could do one of two things:
1. tell the recruiter at my interview that I would be open to more roles than the ones I checked.
2. I could go back to the college program site and revise my check list. (Yes, you can do that if you haven't had your phone intervew. Which I haven't had mine yet. 2 days to go!)

I chose to revise my checklist. I took another look at the roles and decided to check all the roles that I would be willing to do and not just the ones I was incredibly eager to do. This took my checked roles total up to 11. I was happy with that so I saved it, printed it, and looked over it again to see if that changed my top roles. It really didn't. Over the past couple of days I had rearranged it anyway but this really only drastically changed one number 5 slot:

1. Character Attendant
2. Merchandise
3. Hospitality
4. Concierge
5. Attractions

As you can see vacation planning has been bumped from my list. I just decided that I wouldn't be able to handle the sales goals very well. I would stress myself out. I work at a daycare so I can handle children, guests, and lots of things going on at once, but I know I could not take the pressure of sales goals. So, vacation planning was bumped in favor of attractions. I think it would be a real learning experience for me to do that role, but I doubt I'll be asked about it in my inerview. I'm banking on being asked about my top four so that's what I've prepared for.

Side Note: I downloaded some things to spiffy up my next Vlog! Which will hopefully be posted on Sunday night after I've had my interview. I'll try to remember as many details as possible for you guys!

Until next time...have a magical day! ;)


lala88 said...

So I just read your new post and I think picking more roles was a great idea. I picked 4 or 5 last time and I didn't get in. Also I was going to pick vacation planning in my top 4 but then saw that you need sales goals and I got so nervous I changed it. One more thing when I interviewed she asked me for my top 4 or 5. So you can probably tell them as many as you want. Hope these tips are of some use to you.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.