Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Savings Goal: Update...again

So, you guys know how I was going to slowly save up the money?

Well, I realized that once I saved it up I was just going to use my credit card online any way. Which meant I would still have to pay off the credit card balance.

Well, I decided something.

Instead of slowly saving up the money and THEN buying the the camera. I could go ahead and put the camera on my credit card and then slowly pay off the credit card. It would be the same basic concept. Instead of putting 40% into savings I'll just use 40% of my paycheck to pay off my credit card. I have already paid off all of my previous credit charges (clothes and food and things) and that will be processed tomorrow. All I'll have left to pay off after this week is the camera.

So I went ahead and ordered it.

I changed the camera I wanted though. I ended up going with the Flip MinoHD. It's smaller, lighter, has the same zoom, memory space, and recording time. The battery life is half an hour shorter, but the charging time is 2 hours less AND it comes with a built in rechargable ion-lithium battery. Not to mention the screen on the new MinoHD is anti-glare to make it easier to see the screen in the sun light. As a side note, you can also add a customizable design to the MinoHD (which I did) AND if you buy from Flip's website shipping is free.

It will be here by the end of next week!

It's so exciting!

But I'm still following my savings budget. So I'll probably still update you on my progress paying it off as if I haven't bought it yet.

One things is for sure though...I am not putting anything else on that credit card. (Well, except for a certain $104 dollar fee that I hope to need to pay sometime soon, lol.)

When my Flip gets here I'll post pictures of the design I customized so you guys can see it!

Until next time, have a magical day!

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