Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Top 5 Favorite Disney World Shows:

This is a list of my favorite shows past and present. I've included all shows in this list so night time shows are included with the face character and movie themed shows. Disney is known for it's entertainment and spectacle the world wide, and Disney World is home to some of the very BEST examples of that. As usual let's start with my number 5 show:

5. Indiana Jones: Epic Stunt Spectacular

I am a big fan of Indiana Jones. I love every movie in the series (including the fourth one) and to me this show fits right in with them. It really does feel like a behind the scenes tour of how certain stunts were performed for Raiders of the Lost Ark. There's lot of funny jokes that the actors throw back and forth too. It's a very amusing show, and if Disney EVER closes it they will face a LOT of wrath from me. It's a MUST every time I'm in Disney.

4. Cinderellabration

As far as I can tell this show no longer goes on at the Magic Kingdom but it was adorable. All the Disney royalty gathered at Cinderella's Castle to celebrate her coronation. It also contained one of the only appearances Belle's non-beastly prince in the entire park which I loved since we don't get to see the non-beastly prince that often. This show gave the Magic Kingdom a little more magic I think. You really felt like you had stepped into a Disney movie when you were watching this show. It was another happy ending for Cinderella, and I wish it was still going at the Magic Kingdom. It was a lot of fun.

3. the Voyage of the Little Mermaid

The effects in this show are WONDERFUL. I love that at the beginning you go underwater with Ariel. It just makes the show that much more wonderful. The actors in the show are always very good too. It's a must see show. My mom and I were really very surprised by the effects of the show. We didn't expect it to be such an immersive experience, but that's Disney for you. They always have to "plus" things.

2. The Festival of the Lion King

The best show in the Animal Kingdom! At least it was when I was there. I haven't seen the Finding Nemo show so I can't compare the two. But Festival of the Lion King is a show full of so many amazing things! There's trampalines, and larger than life characters, and actors with amazing voices! This has to be the best cast show in all of Disney World. Every performance is jaw dropping. This show also includes the kids in on the fun too. They pull people out of the audience during certain parts of the show. It's just a blast to experience.

1. Fantasmic!

This is my favorite show of all time! The water screens, the pyro, the reenactments, and the huge finale make it a worth while experience every time. The Pocahontas section always makes me happy. I love that moment when Pocahontas can be seen on top of that cliff. It just says everything you need to know about that character. I also love the steamboat at the end with all the characters on it. No kidding, EVERY disney character is on that boat. It's amazing how many actors they're able to fit around it's edges!  And that last line of the show is always my favorite (along with the music that follows), "Some imagination, huh?" It's the most entertaining night time show I've ever seen. The first time I saw it I was blown away and I still am to this day.

That's all for this list, folks! Until next time, have a magical day!

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Molly said...

I love the Festival of the Lion kingdom! I always have to see it when I'm in Disney!