Sunday, February 14, 2010

Top 5 Favorite Places to Go in Downtown Disney:

It's officially been one week since my interview! Gah, seriously, longest week ever! Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Here's today's top 5!

I love Downtown Disney. Especially when compared to Universal's CityWalk. CityWalk is just a jumble of chaos. Want to go there with a group of people? Well, if you want to stay together as a group at CityWalk then you can forget it. There's no room to really walk at CityWalk and I always some home get stuck behind the people who move like one inch every five minutes. No, I much prefer Downtown Disney. There's room to breath and great entertainment, dining, and shopping. So, I thought I would share wtih you guys my favorite places to visit in Downtown Disney. Starting with 5 of course:

5. LEGO Imagination Center:

This place is so cool. It brings out the kid in everyone. Espescially once you see the awesome LEGO sculptures. Other than this transformer, there was a dragon and family of tourists. The store itself is awesome. When I was there you could fill up your own bin of LEGOs with you choice of pieces. That's right there's more options than just the girl bucket (pink, purple, and white) and the boy bucket (red, yellow, blue, and white.) I couldn't believe myself at first, ha ha. It's awesome place to visit and I suggest if you haven't checked it out then do so the next time you're in DTD.

4. Tren-D

The ultimate Tween shopping destination, and even if you're not a tween its fun to just browse. There's so many neat clothing items in that store. I say definately check it out. There was this one rolling suitcase that I really wanted the last time I was there, but I couldn't afford it. (Sorry the picture is fuzzy, it's the only one I could find.)

3. Characters in Flight

It's a balloon! Hovering above DTD! It's so cool, the view is quite amazing. I'm not a big fan of heights so it was a little nervewracking but even I could appreciate it. Plus that balloon just LOOKS fun with all those characters on it. It's a must do on at least one trip to Disney.

2. The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

No joke just seeing the kids come out of this place all decked out like a princess is precious (unless they come out decked out like Hannah Montanna...not so precious to me. Now if they came out as Lola Luffnaggle? That would be completely adorable!) Last time I was there I saw a toddler all made up to look like Tinkerbell. It was so cute! If I had a daughter I would take her here at least once (and only once because it's REALLY expensive.)

1. The World of Disney Store

THIS IS THE BEST DISNEY STORE EVER! I'm not kidding! It may only rivaled by the World of Disney store in New York, but still I think the Downtown Disney store is my favorite. It houses #2 inside as well as TONS of awesome Disney merchandise. The last time we were there we got a free WDW afgan with our purchase. I have it in my car as my emergency blanket. They don't just have T-shirts and park memorabilia though, they have amazing collectibles and a section for every age group! I spent forever browsing the baby section looking for something for my nephew. Check it out when you're in Orlando! Even if you're not there for the Disney Parks! Two summers ago my family went to Orlando strictly for Universal Studios and we STILL went to Downtown Disney and the World of Disney store.

Well, that's all for today's Top 5. Until next time, have a magical day!

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